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Top Things To Do During A Bahamas Yacht Charter

Marina Nazario | September 2, 2021

Make The Most Of Your Holiday In The Bahamas.

Crystal clear water. White sand beaches. Swimming pigs. (Yes, pigs.) That’s what we’re picture when someone mentions the Bahamas. There are about 700 islands and 2,400 cays throughout the Bahamas, located 190 miles off the coast of Florida. If you have a boat, it’s a great place to visit because you can island hop, go wahoo fishing, snorkel at wreck sites, or relax on a pink sand beach. If you don’t have a boat, then booking a luxury yacht charter is the best way to experience the Bahamas.

Denison offers plenty of yacht charters in the Bahamas. You can opt for a popular catamaran or a bigger motor yacht depending on the number of guests, activities, or preference. Throughout your vacation, you’ll get to experience local dining, island hopping, snorkeling, and water sports that make the islands a memorable destination. Here are 6 activities to request on your next Bahamas yacht charter.

Explore An Underwater Airplane Wreck At Norman’s Cay

snorkeler exploring an underwater airplane wreck at Norman's Cay

A plane wreck in the shallow waters of the Caribbean? Sounds like something from the television show Lost. Back in the 1970s, a drug-smuggling plane crashed into the waters off the coast of Norman Cay at night. Today, it’s a snorkeling attraction with many species of coral and fish creating habitats around the wreck. During your Bahamas yacht charter, get in the water early (before the afternoon tours) to explore the underwater plane wreck on the east side of Norman’s Cay.

Best Bahamas yacht charter to take you there: SWEET EMOCEAN

Swim With Pigs At Big Majors Cay

A pig swimming at Big Majors Cay

Swimming with wild pigs doesn’t sound glamorous on paper. But it’s a really fun and unforgettable experience in the Bahamas. Ask your captain to schedule time at Big Majors Cay so that you can visit Pig Beach. The crew can take you on the tender to the uninhabited island so that you can swim with the pigs and give them a little snack (they enjoy fruit).

Best Bahamas yacht charter to take you there: ODIN

Spend a Day at Man-O-War Cay

Tourists enjoying a day at Man-O-War Cay

Man-O-War Cay is one of the early Loyalist settlements in Abacos. Stop here for an afternoon to stretch the legs and walk around the well-preserved island. You’ll encounter old churches and buildings from the 1800s. Man-O-War Cay is a great spot to learn how to scuba dive because its shallow coastline is perfect for novice divers. You might spot tuna, dolphin, wahoo, or blue marlin here. If your yacht charter has the equipment, ask your captain about arranging a dive excursion.

Best Bahamas yacht charter to take you there: IL CAPO

Visit The Caves At Thunderball Grotto

Snorkeler exploring the caves at Thunderball Grotto

Live out your James Bond fantasy at Thunderball Grotto. It’s west of Staniel Cay and boasts a dreamy underwater cave system that is great for snorkeling, diving, and wading. Here you’ll find exotic marine life and brightly colored coral reefs and fish. The grotto’s entrance is small and almost hidden, adding to the excitement of this adventure. It’s recommended to enter at ebb tide (low or slack tide) and snorkeling equipment is optional. At high tide, diving equipment is necessary.

Best Bahamas yacht charter to take you there: LADY LEILA

Swim With Nurse Sharks At Compass Cay

Nurse sharks at Compass Cay

Don’t write off this activity just because it involves sharks. The Compass Cay nurse sharks are harmless (as long as you don’t provoke them) and prefer to feast on sediment from the sand. After stopping in Compass Cay, you can slip into the clear blue waters at the marina and swim with the sharks. Give these gentle giants a soft stroke on their back as they glide through the water beside you. It’s an exhilarating experience and one of the top things to do in the Bahamas.

Best Bahamas yacht charter to take you there: GIOIA

Enjoy a Beach Day At Guana Cay

Aerial shot of Guana Cay

Guana Cay offers one of the best beaches to visit by superyacht. It’s a small island in the center of Abacos that hosts five miles of beach and coastline. Take the tender to the beaches of Guana Cay to enjoy a small island paradise. It has beautiful beaches, plenty of wildlife, and a few local shops and dining options. While you’re there, stop for a drink at Nippers, the infamous island beach bar.

Best Bahamas yacht charter to take you there: EXCELLENCE

Our Bahamas charter itinerary includes pigs, nurse sharks, beaches, snorkeling, fishing, uninhabited cays, shops, and restaurants to visit by yacht. We recommend letting the captain know which activities you want to do in advance to create the best itinerary. Contact a Denison charter broker to book your next Bahamas vacation. They’ll work with you to make it the best yacht charter for you and your guests.

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