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The Most Extreme Sports You Can Do From a Superyacht

Marina Nazario | December 13, 2021

The Best Yachts to Support Big Adventures.

Does your heart pump at the thought of jumping out of a helicopter onto fresh powder? Do you get excited about being meters deep in the ocean to spot rare marine life? You may be what some would call an extreme sports junkie – a rare breed of superhuman with daredevil characteristics.

Extreme sports are death-defying, adrenaline-pumping, and dangerous, usually taking place in remote destinations. (Hazardous opportunities aren’t easily accessible to the Average Joe.) But for those with a tendency to push the boundaries of our physical existence, expedition yachts are the perfect vessels to facilitate such adventures.

We brainstormed the most extreme sports you can do from a superyacht. It’s worth it to mention that each of these sports requires a high level of skill and experience. It also helps to have a solid crew. Average Joes like us are simply along for the ride.


Photo Credit: Dave Silver, Flickr

From water to sky to mountains, heli-skiing from a yacht is as badass as it’s going to get. Canada is one of the best destinations for heli-skiing because of the tall mountains and deep powder. Daredevils can take an Ice Class yacht with a helipad to Bella Coola in British Columbia for a coastal mountain adventure.

Why heli-ski from a yacht? There’s more opportunity to ski down terrain that’s beyond land-based lodges. You’ll need an experienced guide, pilot, and captain to embark on this extreme adventure.

Best yacht for heli-skiing: BOLD | 272′ SilverYachts 2019

Polar Diving

Photo Credit: Unsplash

Only a small group of people on Earth can say they’ve been polar diving. You need to have experience, top-notch equipment, and a professional guide. A dose of bravery helps too. Those who willingly plunge into the frigid, glacial waters of the Arctic or Antarctic regions gain the exclusive experience to spot rare marine life such as penguins, leopard seals, and something called a squat lobster.

Polar divers require better than average dive equipment (such as dry suits and cold water regulators) to plunge into 28 degrees Fahrenheit water. Because it’s such a high-risk sport, some tour programs – such as Oceanwide Expeditions – require divers to verify at least 30 logged cold-water dives before exploring Arctic or Antarctic waters. Don’t know about you but brrr.

Best yacht for polar diving: TIME OFF | 182′ Damen Support Vessel

Black Marlin Fishing

Black Marlin Fishing
Photo Credit: Kelly Dalling Fallon

After reading Mother of All Marlin in FRANK Issue 01, it’s clear that you need knowledge, experience, and a mothership to embark on a black marlin fishing trip in Australia. Giant black marlin (1000+ pounds) are found in tropical, warm waters of the Pacific, such as the Great Barrier Reef.

Because the Great Barrier Reef stretches 1800 miles along the east coast of Australia, experienced anglers benefit from mother shipping. The further offshore you go, the bigger the catch. Black marlin fishing requires an experienced captain and crew to navigate the volatile weather and currents of the Great Barrier Reef.

Best mothership for black marlin fishing: MIZU | 174′ Oceanfast

Deep Sea Diving

Triton Submarines
Photo Credit: Triton Submarines Facebook

When polar diving gets too cold, submersible diving swoops in for an added layer of comfort. Submersibles – such as Triton Submarinesare used by scientists, researchers, filmmakers, and explorers to discover wrecks, marine life, and the ocean floor.

The Triton 13000/2 can reach depths of 13,000 feet underwater, deep enough to explore the Titanic wreck. Expedition yachts that come with a heavy lifting davit are ideal for launching submersibles into the water.

Best yacht for deep sea diving: AURELIA | 127′ CdM Flexplorer Expedition Yacht

Mountain Biking

mountain biking
Photo Credit: Unsplash

Mountain biking in Vancouver is a right of passage during the summer months, and luckily, it’s also a superyacht-friendly coastal city. Trails are easily accessible from Vancouver marinas. Zooming down the trails of Mount Fromme in the North Shore Mountains of British Colombia provides an awesome view of the inlet.

Best yacht for mountain biking: Numarine 37XP

Explorer yachts are built to support an owner’s goals of reaching remote destinations. Even if that includes an extreme sport here or there. As a new era of yacht owners emerge, expedition yachts are increasingly popular for facilitating new experiences around the world. Contact your Denison yacht broker to find a featured yacht for sale.

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