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5 Reasons to Charter Croatia [Charter Destination Highlight]

April 30, 2022 8:54 am

Of late, Croatia has become one of the most sought-after yachting destinations (and if we’re honest–even a general top travel destination, beyond the water). The idyllic location is known for its breathtaking coastal views and is full of so many ideal spots to anchor and take in the beauty, you could easily spend over a week in the Mediterranean country along the Adriatic.

Often referred to as the “French Riviera of the Eastern Mediterranean”, Croatia is easily the most perfect place to book a yacht charter, allowing you to discover this water-centric locale via the sea. With its endless aquamarine waters and marinas a-plenty, it’s time to set sail…

1. Near-Perfect Weather

Croatia coast

The natural beauty of Croatia is best viewed from the sea, with the summer months being the peak season for yachting on the Adriatic. But yachting season in this European country is not limited to just the summer; the season spans from May to October.


Throughout the yacht charter season, the weather in Croatia is lovely enough to write home about. With a peak month of August, perfectly sunny and clear days span the entire season. Each month has its own perks; although the water is still on the chillier side in the earlier months, the weather above the waterline is still superb. July and August boast the warmest, most swimmable waters. For those looking to charter a yacht during season, September allows for the best charter deals–often with savings of one-fifth of the price during the busiest months.

2. Exquisite Cuisine

Croatian seafood meal by the sea

The quintessential Mediterranean country, Croatia is known for its seafood. Like its neighbors, fish from the sea is one of the most delectable treats the destination has to offer. Depending on the region, there is even influence from nearby countries, like an Italian touch on the cuisine in the north of Croatia.

Croatia restaurant

With such a strong focus on seafood, one of Croatia’s most famed meals is a black risotto. The dish is made with squid ink, and can be preluded with one of many seafood appetizers, like octopus or prawns. The country also offers fantastic wine, which can be paired with delicious local cheeses. Slow-cooked lamb is also a must-try on your visit. In comparison to other Mediterranean countries, restaurants are actually a lot more affordable.

3. Sailing Central

Aerial view of Croatia beach

Of all the infamous seaside Mediterranean countries, the coastline of Croatia is the most indented. With over one thousand miles of coast just on its mainland, plus over 2,500 miles of island coastlines, that allows for a lot of spectacular sailing opportunities with unending views and a ton of adventure.


While chartering any type of yacht through the Adriatic Sea in Croatia is a dream come true, a sailing yacht is most ideal for this type of trip and you will likely see many sailboats and yachts anchored throughout your stay. With so many pockets along the coast and between islands–some unreachable except by boat–you can always find something new and discover a secret spot that may not have even been reached before. Since distances between these points an be short, sailing is the most convenient and pleasurable way to travel. If you prefer to charter a motor yacht, the slower ones are a better choice for the vibe in Croatia and to leisurely explore the islands and coasts.

4. Natural Beauty & Coastal Scenery

Croatia waterfalls

Other than the majestic, jagged coastlines–which have remained mostly untouched and therefore have preserved their natural state–Croatia also boasts magnificent beaches, supremely clear waters, and lush greenery. There are plenty of unspoiled beaches as well as coves and bays galore. The natural beauty of this destination is quite frankly unmatched, making it the perfect place to simply anchor at sea and take in a breath of the genuinely fresh air.

Croatia small beach

The nature of Croatia allows for an endless list of fun activities to do while on a yacht charter in the area. Scuba diving in the crystal blue waters is a top sport for travelers to the region, in addition to popular pastimes beaching and swimming.

5. Bustling Nightlife

Croatia at night

For those interested in the social scene in Croatia, there is a bustling music scene locally, with many top DJs flocking to this hot vacation spot to perform at its world-renown clubs. For a chance to do something non-water-related, Croatia’s party scene is a blast. Top party cities include Hvar, Split, and Dubrovnik, so make sure to make a yacht stop by one or all of these hot spots. There are even a number of music festivals that take place during season, some which you can attend directly with your yacht charter, as some are located on the nearby islands.

Croatia at night

A yacht charter in Croatia is a once-in-a-lifetime–or if you love it as much as we do, maybe more–chance to experience the rugged coastline of this mesmerizing Mediterranean destination. Doing so from a luxurious superyacht only takes this already surreal trip up to other-worldly levels.

For the most ideal yacht charter experience in Croatia, we recommend chartering BUNDALONG, an 80′ Sunreef sailing yacht. Boasting five deluxe ensuite guest cabins, this vessel can host up to 10 guests onboard in style and comfort. Guests can choose among two VIP cabins, two doubles, and one twin/convertible cabin. She is designed with an upscale Hamptons-style beach house vibe that is both relaxing and luxurious.

To find out more about planning a yachting adventure in Croatia, contact the team at Denison Yachting today.

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