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Testimonial for Yacht Broker Mike Mahoney | Denison Yachting

My endeavors to sell my boat started very shakily until I met my yacht broker, Mike Mahoney. I originally listed my boat in the Ft. Lauderdale market but quickly learned that navigating the sale of a boat was not a simple task that required a lot of time, knowledge, and expertise. At that time, I knew I wanted to list with Denison Yachting, but I just needed to find the right broker. 

I researched and landed on an article that highlighted Mike Mahoney as very professional. I read a lot of client testimonials on Mike, and they, too, all highlighted Mike’s professionalism. So I flew to Ft. Lauderdale, got in my boat, pushed off the dock, and set my GPS to Daytona Beach for Mike to take over the listing. 

I sincerely believe Mike’s excellent level of professionalism is just the tip of the iceberg which anyone who meets him will easily see. But, when I looked below the waterline, I witnessed Mike’s most outstanding quality, his tenacity. 

While Mike’s professionalism garnered all multiple cash offers, all 10% above the previous offers in Ft. Lauderdale, his tenacity resulted in my boat’s smooth, easy sale. And when I say easy, I mean easy on myself as the seller, not easy on Mike. Mike had the tenacity to spend countless hours on my boat, even into 11 pm on some nights, getting on his hands and knees tracing wires in my bilge to ensure a smooth showing and sale. 

I work with numerous professionals daily, and I employ several physicians, so I’m used to a high level of professionalism. While I was blown away by Mike’s professionalism, I was speechless by Mike’s tenacity. I will definitely be a strong advocate for both Denison Yachting and Mike Mahoney now and into the future. 

Jeff W. on Mike Mahoney