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54 Bertram Sportfish Walkthrough [Boat Review + Video]

Denison Yachting | June 25, 2022

Take an extensive tour of the 54 Bertram Sportfish [LADY KALO] in Panama City, Panama with Juno Prudhomm.

This article is a transcription of the 54 Bertram video from Denison’s YouTube Channel. Tune in daily to discover the latest yacht video walkthroughs from the world’s largest yacht video collection. Watch the full video below:

Juno: Behind us here is a 2012 Bertram 54 Lady Kalo. The owner was gracious enough to let us stay on board for a weekend and show us how you can really utilize this boat. I’m Juno Prudhomm with Denison Yachting. Today I’d like to take you on board and also show you an adventure over the past 48 hours.

So we leave Panama City, Panama, and we are heading to the islands. Every time I come here it just grows on me the people here are wonderful. The culture here is amazing, the food here is amazing. I typically like to stay in the old city which is called Casco Viejo.

Now we’re out here fishing on the way here. We saw a crazy amount of dolphins. Ran up on a huge bait ball, tried to troll for a little while to get some Tuna. That didn’t work out. We caught a few Bonitas. then we came to another hole here. So we’re still going to fish and try to catch some big snappers, that’s the plan. And that’s what we’re going to do that’s what we’re going to make happen.

Bertram does a fantastic job of just giving you tons of space in the cockpit. Having the mezzanine was just a huge bonus because when we run an hour and a half, two hours you’d just sit there, relax have a drink with the guys. The Garmin in the cockpit was just great, especially on this trip of the style of fishing that we were going to do. Big bench seat right here, cold plates underneath. Fish that you caught you can store it in there keep it nice and cold and fresh. You also have additional dry storage. It’s multi-purpose. Starboard forward is your outside galley. You have a prep station, a couple tackle drawers and a sink. Two huge fish boxes, the starboard side having an Eskimo ice chipper. At the stern big bait well that you saw I was putting a Bonita in earlier. Starboard aft is your Tuna door. We didn’t get to use that on a trip. But it’s definitely good to have.

54 Bertram mezzanine

Access to your engine room is also here as well. Let’s go take a look. A pair of CAT C-32 ACERTs giving you 1676 horsepower each. Port forward in the outboard corner is your water maker. As we move to the stern, we see your twin Kohler generators. At cruise be she’ll do about 28 knot1s that’s just around 1800 RPM. But she can easily achieve over 35 knots.

54 Bertram engine room

Right now we’re here with the owner and we’re going to have a competition if we can catch a bigger fish. This is his home turf but you know coming here to bring in a battle. We’re here for a battle and I’m here to bring home the trophy. This gave me like a missile and I hooked it on. I felt something tight. I’m very happy man. We are on the hole baby, we are on the hole!

Moshi: This is not Banito, white Tuna. I never have seen one this big, never, amazing. Maybe a Panama record. I have many years of fishing and I haven’t seen this big.

Juno: They call the big guns they got it. I’m the leader right now. This is just what’s happening. I think I’m at a total of 4 lost 2 and I think we’re going to move to somewhere else where there’s possibly some bigger fish.

So we’re going to go up to the flybridge which I love. The owner replaced everything you see on the dash here including these 4 Garmin displays and a Garmin auto pilot. Lady Kalo is also equipped with two CAT engine displays, Fusion radio, bow thruster, FLIR camera and your ACR searchlight. And right above us in the lower health are your electric teaser reels. A great thing on those hot days is we have AC. So it felt amazing being up there. We have dog house storage underneath the seating and a fridge up here. On a trip like this, having cold and dry storage is key. Although we didn’t show as much, it was very useful having these outriggers when the time calls for them.

54 Bertram flybridge

Right now I’m waiting for it to hit the bottom, there it is, it’s going to start jigging and hopefully one of these groupers come out of their holes. We’re trying to get a big boy. Not seen any color yet. Again, it felt different. I can tell by the movement. Red Snapper on board.

So I stayed on this boat for 3 to 4 days and I can say I was very happy in the salon. You know those times where it’s hot and I just wanted AC and I wanted to sit somewhere this was a perfect place. This entire sofa is storage. And just above that in the headliner is storage for your rods. Underneath the TV is your ice maker. The owner of this boat, his family really likes to cook and that’s why the salon was so appealing to them. I mean look at the counters in here. The galley is equipped with a total of 4 sub-zero drawers, 2 fridges, 2 freezers with a dishwasher right across from there, a concealed cooktop. Just above us here is a microwave. We found ourselves here pretty much every meal. Comfortable space and a lot of seating, a bunch of storage space including above the staircase that we’re about to walk down.

54 Bertram interior

Here to port is going to be your first stateroom which has a over and under berth. Hall side window in here, pretty rare for a boat of this size. What’s also great to note is your separate washer/dryer. Here to the port side is your guest dayhead with a generous shower. All the way forward is your VIP island berth, tons of storage inside. Each of these staterooms have entertainment centers. This stateroom is attached to the dayhead we just saw. Let’s check out the master stateroom which is starboard to midship. Moshi allowed me to stay in the master stateroom. Being such a big guy I love the space, the layout and of course that it had a TV. We had surround sound system, I can switch over to any channel that I want, the room was nice and cold, it was quiet it felt comfortable even with the generator on. On the aft bulkhead is a hidden drawer which is pretty neat. If I needed to use the head, it was right there. Because the room is ensuite, I’m 6 foot 1, felt great, easy for me to shower in there and it was really kind of the owner. Moshi, seriously thank you from the bottom of my heart. We head to Isla Pedro Gonzalez, I mean we start pulling into this place I’m just in awe of what I’m seeing.

54 Bertram vip berth

So we anchored up, took some chairs had some beers, talked to the owner. We spent the night there at the marina. We’re going to go to the next island. The owner brought one of his really good friends which I end up naming big worm because he had a big belly, enjoyable guy and you know the simple pleasures in life, that was awesome having him on the trip. After spending some time out there, our plan was to go to Cantadora. As soon as you get there, there’s probably about 15-20 boats anchored up to these morning balls and you just see this beautiful beach. These big houses on the beach tied up to mooring ball. We were there for a full day overnight and come back to the dock in Panama City and it was a true adventure overall.

54 Bertram

To the captain and crew, big worm and most importantly Moshi, the owner we greatly appreciate it. We look forward to coming back to Panama. And let’s just say Poseidon has been on my side. I feel like Michael Jordan in the 90s. Back to back to back.

Thank you for being on this tour with me and seeing what this boat can bring on the adventure side and I hope you can do the same thing with your friends and family. If you have any further questions or like more details about this boat, please contact me directly.

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