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77 Lagoon Catamaran Walkthrough [Boat Review + Video]

Denison Yachting | June 16, 2022

Take an extensive tour of the 77 Lagoon [TELLSTAR] in Palm Beach, FL with Bruce Schattenburg.

This article is a transcription of the 77 Lagoon video from Denison’s Youtube Channel. Tune in daily to discover the latest yacht video walkthroughs from the world’s largest yacht video collection. Watch the full video below:

Hey everybody, Ryan Alexander here with Denison Yachting. I’m going to keep today’s intro short but suffice it to say that yesterday I was lucky enough to fly down here to St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands with broker Bruce Schattenburg where we got to take a look at his latest listing, goes by the name of TELLSTAR. She is a 77-foot lagoon commissioned in 2019.  Throughout the course of today’s walkthrough you’re going to hear three different voices, the first is mine walking you through the minutia from space to space. We’re going to have broker Bruce join in giving a few of his thoughts and along the way we’re going to have jack who’s the captain of this boat, chime in and let us in on how guests use the spaces when they’re on board. We couldn’t have asked for better sailing conditions, we were a little worried about what the weather was going to do. We’re actually on our way out of town racing a storm out. So you’ll see that there was a lot of wind today. It was pretty choppy out there but this boat handled amazingly. This is an easy boat to run when you’ve got a handful of crew who really know what they’re doing.

I’m Captain Jack. I’m the captain of TELLSTAR. I’ve been the Captain of this yacht since its inception in Bordeaux, France. She’s a magnificent yacht. She’s a lagoon 77. She’s the flagship from lagoon. And to be quite honest, I think she’s one of the best sailing vessels that lagoon puts out there.  I’ve actually run the Lagoon 44, the Lagoon 45, the Lagoon 560, the 52. Two 620s and now I’m on the flagship for Lagoon the 77. So I’m part of the Lagoon family for a while. Lagoon is really the most prolific builder sailing Catamarans. Out of all the Catamarans that I’ve sailed, I think they do an exceptional job of creating space out of not a whole lot of length. But there’s an amazing amount of space that they get out of these vessels quite frankly I think they sell very well for what we are with generators and washers and dryer and a dishwasher and everything else that goes along with this luxurious Catamaran, I think it sails spectacular.  Yeah we proved that today. We were ripping it out there. Wonderful day I mean we’ve got this hurricane or tropical storm just to the south of us. So it really kind of whipped up the weather and we were able to take advantage of that and really get to get a feel for how the boat sails.  We have a great charter business. We are packed full of charters and this boat books out. It’s a lot of fun. We’ll do charters with families, we really enjoy having the kids out it’s always a lot of fun. And then a lot of times we’ll also have like individual couples. We take up to 8 guests in 4 separate cabins. And typically our charters are 7 nights plus. Keep talking about charter but it’s really not all about charter. This boat is really a great boat just for individual private ownership. This is a big family boat here. When we have families aboard, they can all be together at the table for a meal and then they can all get their own private space. There’s private space in the balcony, there’s private space in the flybridge to create harmony with your family and also feel like you can get away and get some private time.

When it comes to the guest experience, you need to imagine what it would be like to stay on board in some of the most remote islands on earth. This means that for 24 hours a day, you’re surrounded by some of the most immense scenery imaginable. One of the best ways to experience what
TELLSTAR has to offer is after the sun goes down and the whole boat comes to life. Thanks to LED lighting that illuminates every square inch of the exterior deck spaces. With that in mind, an ideal place for us to start showing you around is up on the flybridge.  Starting in the aft, we first see a primary lounging space that spans the full beam of this deck where you and the rest of your guests can relax and relive some of the day’s adventures over drinks. This area is safe, thanks to a sturdy padded backrest. Immediately after this sunpad is the traveler which is easy to access when under sail. Also note the amount of light that comes down from the composite overhead with an opening sunroof. This molded hardtop covers the entire deck and is crucial in making this space comfortable all day long in the islands. When the sun is shining this opens up electrically to bathe the sunpad and surrounding area in direct sunlight and magnifies the breeze. This feature was very important to the owner and is the first sunroof that you’re going to find on a Lagoon 77 sailing Cat.

In addition to the sunning area in the aft, this 77 also offers you a dynamic dining experience over on the starboard side. Here we have teak tables that are expandable allowing them to be joined together for alfresco meals.  The teak that we see here also continues down onto the sole and surrounds a centerline island wet bar found in this is a sink, an ice maker and a fridge. Directly forward of this is the heart of the sailing experience where your captain takes control over this 77-footer.  There are two sailing helms obviously. They can both be operated independently. There are throttles on each side as well as bow thruster on each side. So what’s really cool about this, instead of having one wheel in the center bruce, I can actually lean out it’s easier to park the vessel on starboard and if we park on port, I’m just using that home and the same controls are over there on the port helm. What’s neat also is that all the lines run to this space right here. We have these huge Harken winches they’re all electric, it’s all hydraulic furling and to be quite honest, it doesn’t take a lot of crew to sail it.  In the world of sailing and more specifically charter, the crew is everything. Not only do they make the boat go but they’re also single-handedly responsible for the individual guest experience and this is where TELLSTAR excels. Season after season, jack and his crew of 3 not only give guests, the highest level of service from the moment the breakfast is served but their knowledge of the waters and hidden escapes is really what they bring to the table and this is what life on TELLSTAR is all about. With that in mind, the perfect space for us to transition to is the swim platform.  What’s really great about this Lagoon 77 is this swim platform right here. It lowers the tender right down, it’s all hydraulic. We use a remote goes right down and what’s really cool is once it’s down the tender’s removed, our guests and families can just walk right across it.

This boat is outfitted with a dive compressor, so we have all the dive equipment aboard and we’ll actually put our divers right here, lower them right into the water, so there’s no jumping in and all that kind of stuff. We lower the divers right off the platform and then they dive. And then of course we have swim ladders that go on both sides. I think there’s one over on that side. And when you come out of the water, what you’ve got a shower, hot and cold fresh water on either side. Moreover, we even have a shampoo conditioner and body wash dispenser right over there.  We have a gamut of all the toys, everything from wake boards for adults and children. We also have we have water skis for adults and children and this tender is really great for being able to haul. This is a bizarre. It’s a five meter tender and I really love this. We specifically bought this particular tender. It’s got a 90 horsepower Yamaha which is great. We love Yamahas down here. It’s easy to maintain and this is like a really nice fast tender. If you look at the shape of the bow, the bow is really good because it’s really cutting through the water especially down here in the Caribbean. Like the flybridge the main deck and even the swim platform are stunning when the sun goes down. The sugar scoops back here make for a private place to escape with just you and yours to experience a completely different side of a family getaway. Back here, LED lights make the surrounding water glow as sea life swims just below the water surface. Her unmistakable lit up stern even makes its way up to the main deck and on into the cockpit. Here you immediately feel the size and volume of this yacht’s 36 foot 1 inch beam and you see just how different the CAT experience is from that of a motor yacht. There’s no question that the footprint of this area is what draws so many over the globe to this type of vessel.  Starting first to starboard, there’s a built-in dinette with seating for 8. This molded in seating is S-shaped and there’s also the added bonus of a sunning seat that has an adjustable back rest allowing you to lay it down completely flat. The service aspect of the dinette in this area benefits from a wet bar which is located just aft of here. This is where we find a sink, prep space and cup holders with the added bonus of a refrigerator.  Right next to this is a beamy bench seat that runs along the aft side of the cockpit tying in with a grill and an ice maker over on the port side. A detail that we’ll be coming back to here are the entry doors that slide over to port and starboard which open up the salon onto this luxurious aft deck cockpit. Especially in these late hours, these allow you to create a perfect balance of indoor and outdoor entertaining. From the aft corners of the cockpit, you have a full view of the molded overhead covering the entire deck. In addition to the lighting found up here there’s also courtesy lighting above the teak sole. Additional seating is located over on the port side to complement the aft bench seating and the dinette. This seating is located right next to the entrance that leads down into the first guest cabin that we’re going to take a look at.

Found in here is an aft facing queen berth which can be separated into two twin berths. This is often the preferred guest cabin seeing as it’s secluded from the rest of the accommodations. Thanks to its private entrance from the cockpit. Outboard of the berth are hall side windows, a feature found in all of the guest cabins. These let in a ton of light and most of them can even open up to let in a cross breeze. The bulk of the storage in here can be found in these inboard storage lockers and there’s also the added bonus of a private ensuite head and shower in here as well.

Stepping back outside I want to point out the first of two engine compartments located aft in each hall. In here you not only have your machinery but there’s also a ton of room for you to store all of your fenders after you depart the slip on your way to drop the anchor.

This 77 is powered by a pair of 230 horsepower John Deere N5 engines. Other important aspects of the machinery are a 73 gallon per hour sea recovery Aquamatic water maker, an upgraded Cummins Onan 27 kilowatt generator as well as an optional second generator offering the yacht redundancy. From here our next stop is going to be the foredeck which is accessed by broadside decks on the port and starboard sides of the boat.

A few quick things to touch on before we head all of the way forward are the whole colored gel coat and bow works and the abundance of courtesy lighting lining the side decks and the fact that teak covers every exterior deck space is an added high-end bonus. Now looking at the bow itself, we first see the trampolines, perhaps the most signature feature associated with the Catamaran experience. These offer you a prime seating area where you can not only feel the full power of the vessel as she cuts through the waves but seeing the water rush below you is a thrill all in its own. Another incredible experience is offered at the safety rail enclosed seats located forward on the forepeaks. These give you a front row seat looking out into the open ocean with the wind in your face. Aft on the forepeaks is a ton of useful storage as well as deck hatches that open up into a pair of crew quarters. We’ll take a look at the port side crew accommodations at the end of today’s walkthrough. When it comes to the sail plan the most crucial aspect of this space is the bow sprit located forward and centerline. This is where you fly your for sales including every sailor’s favorite, the Code Zero.

For low wind and downwind sailing you have a big Code Zero. We do, the Code Zero sent out front I use Code Zero more on this vessel than any other vessel. I love it, it’s a performance sail, it’s great downwind and you can get upwind just a little bit making sure that you don’t have too much wind speed out there. Anywhere from 15 to 20 knots of wind it’s easy to sail the boat at 10 knots.

Jumping back to the bow I also want to point out the anchoring system which runs from the bow sprit aft to the windlass which can be controlled remotely. Flanking this and spanning much of the beam up here are a series of storage lockers providing more crucial storage. What I really like Bruce is as you can see this balcony door opens out into this area and there’s all kinds of seating out here as well. On anchor with a nice breeze blowing and having your first cup of coffee in the morning. That’s right, as you know when we’re on anchor the wind’s always across the bow first, this is a great seating area. It’s also cooler in the evenings. So what we’ll do is a lot of times we’ll serve hors d’oeuvres or happy hour snacks right here and people are just picking up off the charcuterie board right here and sitting there and having cocktails.

Right. It’s also another nice area just if somebody wants to get away by themselves, they can come up here and read a book, get on their laptop. Or lay on the trampolines and sun themselves, whatever they want.

Having covered all of the exterior deck spaces, let’s next jump from the bow to the interior portion of today’s walkthrough where we’re first going to take a look at the salon. When this space is all lit up you can see that the mill work in here has a grey oak finish on all of the cabinets while the floor stands out because of the richness of a Wangi sole. Inside or out guests have access to Wi-Fi and a 4G connection and all of the creature comforts that you could want in a sailing yacht like an optional 180000 BTU reverse cycle chilled water air conditioning system.

Over on the port side is an L-shaped settee that wraps radially below a series of windows that make their way around the entirety of this interior entertaining venue. Over here we also have a pair of convertible coffee tables that are raised and lowered electrically. Another seating option is found opposite on the starboard side of the vessel. This side features an even larger built-in settee and an ottoman. Immediately aft of this seating area is the entrance into the second guest cabin that we’re going to take a look at. Larger than the first, this has a lot in common with the other accommodations. For example, note the volume of natural light that’s led in through a large hall side window and a skylight overhead. The queen berth in here faces forward and features concealed power outlets on both sides of the berth as well as reading lights.

Not only is there a ton of storage in here but there’s also a desk located forward of the berth just one step outside of the ensuite. In here we find a vanity and a sink basin as well as a glass shower stall and a separate stall enclosing the head. Leaving here let’s next take a look at the forward half of the salon. We’re going to pick back up with the wet bar which is where you find a sink and a ton of countertop space on the top side. Below the countertop is a stainless fridge and bottle storage which lines the aft side of this area. In the port forward corner of the salon is a lower control station that serves as the interior helm when traveling in inclement weather. Here your crew has access to a full yacht management monitoring system on B&G displays.

There’s one final area in the salon which is just a step down from the main level. This is where we see an L-shaped settee that faces forward and a smaller built-in settee just outboard. Forward of this is a watertight door that offers guest and crew easy access onto the foredeck seating area, a space that Jack and Bruce have already shown us. Next to this to starboard is the entrance down into the master stateroom which is where we’re going to head next.

As you would expect this is the largest accommodation on board and it takes up the majority of the starboard hall meaning that there’s plenty of livable space. In here in the forward section of the master we see a berth facing athwartship. Like the rest of the guest accommodations there are discrete outlets that tie into the yacht’s 115 volt North American spec electrical system. There’s also a window at the foot of the bed with sections that can be opened up. Cabinet storage is found below this window as well as throughout the rest of the master even forward of the berth where there’s a sizable walk-in closet on the other side of a door. This is something that I’ve never seen on a Cat in this size range.

Stepping out of here and facing aft, we see the other half of the master cabin. Note the desk on the inboard side as well as bookshelves that are directly above. Looking out forward to the starboard side we see a built-in settee below a second opening hall side window. All of the way aft is the ensuite which has a rather large footprint given the overall size of the boat. In here, there are a pair of sinks in the vanity as well as a shower found on the starboard side that’s lit up by a hall side window and a transparent deck hatch overhead.

Leaving the master and directly across to the other side of the boat in the port hall is the fourth guest accommodation on board TELLSTAR. This is our next stop. The smallest of the accommodations everything that you find in the other guest cabins has been implemented into the design of this final stateroom. These items include in athwartship facing berth and a useful storage arrangement. There’s even a desk in here that benefits from a substantial view of the outdoors. Like the other accommodations, there’s also an ensuite attached to this cabin. Leaving here and heading forward are final stops on board are the galley and the port side crew quarters. Keeping in mind that TELLSTAR has the ideal charter setup, you should expect to see a chef’s galley and that’s exactly what you find in here. Upon entering, you see a crew dinette where there’s also a B&G 12-inch display where you can check in on the day’s journey and stay in communication with the rest of the crew. The galley appliances are found just forward of this. These include a 4-burner Miele cooktop that rests above a matching oven. There’s also a microwave convection oven above the countertop. There’s plenty of prep space in this galley which makes it ideal for serving large groups and guests and cleanup in here is easy. Thanks to a twin sink outboard as well as a dishwasher and a trash compactor. Forward of the galley is the entrance into the crew cabins in the port bow. This cabin features a bunk layout with access to an ensuite head and shower.

On behalf of Denison Yachting, thank you so much for joining Bruce, Jack and myself on today’s walkthrough of TELLSTAR, the 77-foot lagoon built in 2019. If you liked what you saw or if you’d like any more information on this boat, you can reach out to broker, Bruce Schattenburg anytime. He’d love to set that up for you. Thanks for your time.

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