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Sarp Shipyard Resumes Operations on Three Constructions

Sarah Nadler | August 3, 2022

Sarp Shipyard resumes new build project NACRE 62, as well as two XSR 85 models under construction, for sale with Denison Yachting.

Denison Yachting is pleased to announce that Sarp Shipyard in Antalya, Turkey has resumed operations and currently has three projects under construction and available for sale exclusively with Denison.

Sarp made a major impact on the industry when they delivered the 46-meter LA PASSION, which won the 2017 World Super Yacht Awards.

Discover LA PASSION below:

The family-operated shipyard started construction on new build Project NACRE in 2018, building her on spec due to their strong financial backing from the ETI Group. 

Unfortunately, construction was paused when the family business was restructured. Now, the shipyard is stronger than ever and has resumed construction on NACRE 62, in addition to two XSR 85 models, all exclusive to Denison.


The Sarp Yachts 62-meter new build PROJECT NACRE can be completed in 24 to 26 months from the time contracts are finalized. She features a Fast Displacement Hull Form designed by Van Oossanen Naval Architects out of Holland, which has had huge success with the Heesen product. Exterior styling on NACRE 62 was done by Milan-based Hot Lab design studio. The full displacement steel hull and aluminum superstructure are completed and ready to be outfitted.

NACRE 62 Sarp Yacht

PROJECT NACRE has a gross tonnage of 1,150, with one of the most impressive design elements being the elongated exterior deck spaces and her groundbreaking hull design. The streamlined design gives her an aggressive fluid feel and, with an impressive range of 6,500 nautical miles at 12 knots, she not only looks gorgeous but is a true global cruiser.

The Fast Displacement Hull by Van Oossanen is a revolutionary design that has been featured on notable yachts, like Heesen Galactica Star. The design allows for slender, sharp waterlines, but it also allows for the same interior as a traditional hull form yet with increased performance and fuel efficiency. Van Oossanen is credited with the creation of one of the most efficient pieces of engineering the industry has seen in recent decades and Sarp is proud to have him play a major role in the design of PROJECT NACRE. Combined with the exterior design of the well-respected Hot Lab, this is a truly inspirational project that is waiting to be customized and delivered in a relatively short time.

XSR 85 – #NB201 & #NB202

Sarp Yachts’ XSR Series is another wonder on the water, the key element of the design being the glass arrangement that surrounds the entire salon, giving great lightness and visibility from the inside out. The use of extensive integrated glass gives the architectural touch to the design for the owner’s freedom and flexibility with the unique open-deck feeling.

Sarp Yacht XSR85 #NB201

The Sarp XSR 85 #NB201 is a groundbreaking project that is ready for delivery within the next month. She features a standard propulsion package and, like PROJECT NACRE, also features a Fast Displacement Hull Form from Van Oossanen. Her interior was designed by Red Line. A composite hull and carbon fiber superstructure give her a top speed of 21 knots and a cruising range of 1,000 nautical miles at 12 knots.

The XSR 85 #NB202 features a diesel-electric hybrid propulsion package and can be completed in the next two to three months. She, too, features a Fast Displacement Hull Form from Van Oossanen. The interior of the hybrid model #NB202 was designed by Art Line. The XSR offers the most environmentally friendly way to spend time aboard your boat. The system will allow for more space in the accommodation areas than a yacht at the same length. Electric engines operate silently with no exhaust gas. You can make slow cruises by utilizing electric propulsion with nearly zero cost. The maintenance period of electric engines is also longer than internal combustion engines. You can reach maximum acceleration value regardless of propulsion revolution or the yacht’s speed, allowing an efficient and powerful cruise with the highest maneuverability.

Interested in learning more about Sarp Yachts? Contact Alex G. Clarke, who is ready to answer any questions and start your journey to owning a new yacht.

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