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85 Evadne Motoryacht [Boat Review + Video]

Denison Yachting | September 27, 2022

Take an extensive tour of the 85 Evadne Motoryacht [ROCK III] in Istanbul, Turkey with Aaron Antonson.

This article is a transcription of the 85 Evadne video from Denison’s YouTube Channel. Tune in daily to discover the latest yacht video walkthroughs from the world’s largest yacht video collection. Watch the full video below:

AARON: Good afternoon. I’m Aaron with Denison Yachting, and I’m here with Ali Sayakci on board, a very special ship today, and we’re very happy to have you guys come along with us.

ALI: I’m the team leader of Evadne Yachts, also ROCK brands. We are serious yacht producers from Turkey. I come from a sailing family. My father used to build them. They sail and race with the boats he used to build. And he was a Thorne miner and stone producer as well. I take both of these heritages from my family.

AARON: I first came into contact with ROCK 85 on a Denison shipyard tour last summer. And we were able to view some of the finest Yachts in Turkey, but ROCK 85 really stood out among the rest for a few reason. First and foremost, she is a full steel, an aluminum built yacht.

ALI: On the sea, it is always man versus nature. Your security and your feeling of comfort is entirely secured by your capability. What we say is SUV sea utility vessel. We provide the maximum capabilities and strength on this size. What we are talking about is a compact ship providing yacht amenities for the passengers.

AARON: So that generates is over 150 gross tons in regards to volume and 110 tons in a displacement.

ALI: We have the super displacement hull, which is the fast displacement hull. Great sea keeping less roll. It’s quite a fast hull with double caterpillar engine. We have 165 square meter interior space and roughly 130 square meter exterior deck space.

85 Evadne Flybridge

AARON: The first space we’re eager to show you guys today is on our third deck, which is also our jacuzzi deck. So here we find ourselves on the top of ROCK 85. This is our jacuzzi deck, which could also be outfitted with a fly bridge helm. We have a beautiful jacuzzi. It’s a phenomenal seating. We could also place like I said, that fly bridge control station here, which still enables you to have full cushion on both sides and a great view all around. So this is where we started our tour today, but with such an iconic space, we needed to come back and take a look at our full bar here. Four refrigerator units. We can also use the space as a full outdoor kitchen. So another iconic space on board is this silk dolomite table that holds 10. Which means you can always have guests on board and entertain. And this is actually a handpicked piece of marble out of one of Ali’s quarries and I’m Sea of Marmara. She has a silk dolomite.

ALI: This is a very special dolomite. And it’s a silk finish, also lightweight. This is a new thing. I believe as a stone master, this will be the most suitable stone to be used in Marine in yachts. Like teak is a great product to comply with yachting. The next thing is stone. Adaptation of stone in the use of private boating.

85 Evadne Sky Deck

AARON: And this leads us back to where we started the tour today on the aft of the upper sky deck. A part of that 126 odd square meters of exterior space. A portion of that, we find here with a really ample sized aft lounging area. As all these showing comfortably now, it is all modular furniture, tan in the sun when the shades not deployed, but you also have fantastic storage underneath. With this tender lift we have here, we have a great spot for top storage for up to a six-meter tender or jet skis and also supports the lower lift, which is supplied by a hydraulic swim platform that extends aft. So this is going to be your highway into the sea. Specifically, on a ROCK series, vessel whose ethos is all about being connected as quick as you can to the water, we have an extending hydraulic platform here that comes outta meter. And what that does is it allows you to extend the space here almost by double.

ALI: What we try to achieve is the most comfort in a smallest possible form. So we need to keep everything condensed.

85 Evadne Cockpit

AARON: So now, we’re on board, the aft cockpit area. It’s one of my favorite spots because you’ll find yourself spending a lot of time back here. This is again, still all modular furniture. So it is a full custom shipyard. So based on how you want this laid out, you have different options here. You know, one more thing I’d like to mention for example is you can see the details and this is not fiberglass. It’s not plastic by no means. This is actually aluminum. And what they even integrated into here on both sides are helms. Spend a lot of time on the details.

ALI: Yeah. We spent more man hours in Turkey compared to yachts in Europe. We have the chance to do so. So we maximize our competitive yacht.

AARON: We find on the port side here, in addition to your nice side access is one of the two engine room hatches. Again, beautifully covered with the nice teak as well as the white caulking in addition to access to the galley forward. So what this does is allows the crew to serve without interfering in the main salon. And while we’re here, we’re going to take a look into the engine room now. As you can see, there are plenty of systems in here, all of which are intended for your safety. We do have redundant systems for everything on board. She’s powered by caterpillar thousand horsepower, C12 engines, which give her a range of over 3,000 nautical miles. She’s also equipped with a pair of generators, which I’d also like to mention. This vessel is equipped with a full lithium ion battery pack. All of those units are going to be humming silently either while you’re at anchor at night, or if you’re having a quiet cocktail hour. So something very unique and very attractive for this yacht.

Up here in the bow is another example of the caliber of this full custom shipyard. Looking forward, is another perfect example of why a space like this is so important on a yacht like this drawing a glass of wine with a good friend. It really encompasses the reason you have a boat like this.

85 Evadne Interior

Now we’re going to totally switch gears. We went from a very capable, aggressive, bold styling yacht. And now we’re getting a little bit artsy on the inside here. Got a very warm, cozy, almost Scandinavian. All of these furnishings can be tailored just to your liking. And it also gives you a nice feel of the depth.

ALI: To protect the homey feeling, boat is very calm, not rolling very much, you could have all the artwork placed ideally, garden door opens for the sea. Your dog in and out. I mean, it’s really nice. It’s a homey feel. And again, like you said before, you want to be closer to the ocean. The only problem is alienation from the sea. That’s what we try to overcome.

AARON: So right now we’re pretty much at the crossroads of ROCK. Um, down below, we have the family style dining. Forward here, we have access to the pilot house as well as the sky lounge. Galley is just to port as well as your entire cruise service station, which is completely separate. Again, having access right here in the heart of ROCK, as well as through their private port access. Forward of the entrance into the galley is a modern glass finish staircase with access to the VIP state room. With this being the perfect boat for extended cruising, Evadne wanted an ultra-private VIP with a private on suite head and shower. There’s plenty of storage and natural light in here with the same high end finishes as the owner stateroom. So making our way into the master here on deck, which is a very important part of this is we have the iconic side access store here, which is totally unique to ROCK III and especially the ROCK series, just like the whole of the boat, which we can tell is steel. This is a very stable and usable space.

85 Evadne Master Stateroom

ALI: Balcony air for fishing.

AARON: Right. You got the underwater lights?

ALI: Yeah. You know, jump into water when you wake up, washing your face.

85 Evadne Master Stateroom

AARON: You use the sea. While we’re here, which it’s definitely mention as well, the master head area. With that, we do have a double basin sink. And again, also hand pick from Ali’s stone site are some of the finest rocks you’ll find and materials. Before we take a look at the other state rooms, we’re going to first take a look into the wheelhouse. Another heart and core of ROCK III is the sky lounge, as well as the wheelhouse here, which is also on our sun deck. So this is pretty integral spot on board. A lot of time is going to be spent here following the captain on these long journeys, which is what this boat is specifically built for. On hull number one that was launched in 2018, that hull and owner has now traveled over what was 20?

ALI: Around 22, 23000 nautical miles.

85 Evadne VIP Stateroom

AARON: More than most of these, you know, quote unquote, Explorer Yachts we’ll do in a lifetime. So we’ve pretty much covered all of our spots on board ROCK III today, but we have one more spot, our secret spot, the aft two state rooms. We’re going to take a look at those now. So here on the starboard side, we’re on one of the two mirrored aft state rooms, a beautiful surrounding of windows, something you really don’t find on a vessel, specifically an ocean going trawler. So out through here, you have unobstructed views aft as well as two large portholes to starboard. Different configurations are available here. Now we can see the twin with plenty of cubby storage on both sides, but we could also do a king size, which we’ll go take a look over on the port side. I love this king size berth here. We have plenty of space, nice and comfortable as well as on sweet head and just forward with a separate handpicked Marmara shower. Ali, I want to thank you for having us on board again today. It’s been an amazing day at the Cannes Yachting Festival. Not only is this an amazing brand to represent, but having you as a partner on this has been an incredible learning opportunity as well. So I want to thank you for that.

ALI: Thank you so much. Thank you for being here.

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