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64 Galeon Motoryacht Walkthrough [Boat Review + Video]

Denison Yachting | November 26, 2022

Take an extensive tour of the 64 Galeon Motoryacht in Nassau, Bahamas with Paul Denton.

This article is a transcription of the 64 Galeon video from Denison’s YouTube Channel. Tune in daily to discover the latest yacht video walkthroughs from the world’s largest yacht video collection. Watch the full video below:

Hey guys. I’m Paul Denton. I want to welcome you aboard. A 2021 64 Galeon. Well, it’s been a while since I was a yacht captain, so little rusty on unloading the skill. Yeah, but we’re starting on the swim platform, which is a hydraulic swim platform. Integrated steps with fresh water wash down and access into the crew. As you could tell, plenty of space for us and the ski to still enjoy the space.

64 galeon swim platform

Starting up on the fly bridge this beautiful Galeon immediately, you can appreciate the massive fly bridge space. Plenty of entertainment on the aft deck, mid ship, and all the way up to the bow. One of the great features of the aft deck is this fly bridge is the option to convert this table to seat either eight with a big party or just for cocktail hour. Moving forward on the fly bridge, we have a great wet bar equipped with a few amenities with a sink, a nice ice maker, little refrigerator and grill. Moving forward on the fly bridge coming up to the bow, we have a great conversion here, so you could socialize either facing aft or forward with the bunny pad. At the fly bridge helm station, we have a single plotter, we got our engine controls autopilot. One of my favorite features, a yacht controller, which allows you to control the boat anywhere around the vessel, bow, stern, main deck, fly bridge, you choose, you control. This Galeon is loaded with features. Another one I’d love to mention is the sunshade, which allows you to either take in the sunlight while sitting at the main helm or cover it up because you’ve had enough sun for the day.

64 galeon flybridge

Coming down from the fly bridge into the main aft deck, we have a great C-section seating. I want to touch on a couple amenities that are here that are offered on this aft deck, one being a privacy shade that drops down. Another being a television that pulls all the way up, allowing the C-section seating to watch their favorite football game, engine room access. Great storage mid ship for all your life jackets, toys. Also look at the space that we can take advantage of here with these wings down. So before continuing on the starboard side, I wanted to showcase this pocket door for a safety feature going onto the swim platform. The polish really had a great design in engineering when thinking about building this boat. Continuing exterior main deck, you can see what this space has to offer when the wing is down. Starboard side has now two bar stools that it offers sistered up on the port side, which we’ll see shortly.

64 galeon aft deck

First things first, we are in The Bahamas and look at this beauty. Up on the bow, we have a few features to discuss here. The tables are able to go flush mount with the seating. The backrest is able to fold and stow and the seats are actually able to come out forward to give you a more entertainment space up here on the bow. Walking down the port side, you could see the wings station is sistered up just like the starboard sides. Dual bar seats. This one gives you direct access into the galley. Another feature I want to touch base on is the glass. That’ll let you see straight to the water. Imagine the underwater lights on here, just getting a great ambiance and great entertainment.

64 galeon galley

All right, so now I get to bring you interior. Once again, no lack of features interior on this boat. Starting off in the galley, we pass a full fridge and freezer, a dish wash. We also have a sink, conventional oven, stove top wine fridge. Check out the space that you get to utilize from both sides of the bar here. Continuing forward mid ship, we are passing the companion way into the staterooms. Passing a television that lifts up and down for this great C-section seating with a table that goes up and down, allowing more cushions to be added and just utilizing the most of this space. Now all the way to the bow, on the main deck to the main deck helm station, we have dual plotters, bow, stir and thruster.

64 galeon salon

We have an autopilot control, our engine controls, Sea keeper control. Also one of my favorite hidden gems of this boat is a little fridge in cocktail bar that you can utilize when coming in and out of the bow entry. Heading down to the state rooms located mid ship, starboard side, first thing we pass is a day head. This day head will be dual access purpose for the twin stateroom, which is forward of the master.

64 galeon owner's suite

Walking back mid ship to the master stateroom, which is a full beam. Offers a nice settee, obviously great ambient lighting, and an en suite with a walk-in shower. Located on the bow of this vessel all the way forward, lower deck. We’ll find the VIP. The VIP is equipped with its own entertainment space and en suite also with a walk-in shower. On behalf of Denison Yachting and myself, Paul Denton, I want to thank you for joining us on this walkthrough aboard the 64 2021 Galeon. I look forward to seeing you on the dock.

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