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80 Marlow Motoryacht [Boat Review + Video]

Denison Yachting | November 9, 2022

Take an extensive tour of the 80 Marlow Motoryacht [NEVER MY LOVE] in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with Brandon Barnes.

This article is a transcription of the 80 Marlow video from Denison’s YouTube Channel. Tune in daily to discover the latest yacht video walkthroughs from the world’s largest yacht video collection. Watch the full video below:

It is an absolutely stunning day here in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. My name is Brandon Barnes with Denison Yachting. Today, I have the pleasure of bringing you on board, one of my newest listings. NEVER MY LOVE. NEVER MY LOVE is a 2017 80 Marlow command bridge, outfitted with the best equipment, just the right touch of modern interior design and amazing deck spaces, just like this observation deck that I’m on here. The reason I love this spot; it really gives you a good perspective of the wide open decks to where this boat can be easily owner operated. For example, the Portuguese Bridge allows for open maneuverability, easy to access starboard port. And easy access to your ground tackle. When you combine this with the wide workarounds, you can easily see why this boat can be running with just two.

If you know Marlow and love Marlow, you know they’re known for their traditional exterior design. What makes this yacht unique is her bright white finishes and ultra-luxury leather throughout. One of the unique features about this yacht is the owners opted to do a custom built bar area done to mimic the exterior flag blue hull. When you see this boat from the Waterline, the first thing you notice is her low profile Marlow design, providing those seakeeping capabilities and offering her long distance range.

80 marlow tender deck

The first space I want to show you on board is the tender deck, one of my favorite areas, tons of lounging space, full service bar here with your grill, ample amount of space for entertaining and also loose furniture to port. First thing you notice to star it is your full service bar. You’ve got your grill, your ice maker. Bar stools up to four. Everything you need to enjoy a nice cocktail while you’re underway. So moving aft you’re going to notice to starboard, you have a davit. This easily allows you to deploy your tender and really create an open fill back here.

For now, I’m going to take you inside the command bridge and take a look at where you run the boat from. When you think of a command bridge, you think of it just as a spot to run the boat, and we’ll get there in a minute. But one thing I do want to point out about this bridge is the window here. When this window’s open, it does a couple things, allows airflow through the command bridge, and also allows you to entertain guests and serve drinks from the tender deck. Adjacent from the raised dinette is the day head which is extremely convenient for everybody, even the captain. We pushed off the dock early this morning. Weather was beautiful, but we are in South Florida, so surprise, surprise, we had immediately ran into some rain, which made me extremely thankful for this enclosed bridge. Here at the helm, you have everything that you need to be able to run this yacht. You have your garment electronics, your FLIR night vision, your bow and stern thruster controls, and even your yacht controller.

80 marlow command bridge

The next thing on this shot I want to show you is the stern. She has a hydraulic swim platform that lowers. You also have a hydraulic door here that’s accessed to the crew quarters in Lazarette, which I’m going to take you through in a moment. While this is also where we find the shore power, more importantly, is the swim platform with the wide stairways that lead you up into the cockpit area. At the top of today’s walkthrough, I had mentioned her loon or gravity, giving her a very, very low profile. Chances are if you’re back here, you’re going to be spending plenty of time here in the dinette, you have a large bench style seating aft with several loose chairs that can easily accommodate eight or nine people comfortably. Something that adds to this low profile is look how low these gunnels are. They’re still but still allows you to be close to the waterline and doesn’t obstruct your view. A few feet forward to starboard, the cabinetry here houses your sink, and also the one of four command stations throughout the yacht. This helm gets used all the time. It gives you plenty of visibility here at the Transom. Also, plenty of visibility to the starboard side, but it does have its limitations, which brings me back to the yacht controller. This allows me to move around the boat and dock it from any position, including the bowl.

80 marlow foredeck

Moving forward brings us to the foredeck, where more or less is pretty much where we started today’s walkthrough here at the observation deck. Up here you have a sun pad. You can lay it flat or have a chase style seating. And to access the area, you can enter through the entry doors on the starboard and port of the command bridge.

Where I stand now is the Portuguese bridge. This leads you forward to the bow on your ground tackle. You have access doors that close off, giving you a safe working area, whether open or closed, you have your forward facing seating, which with the raised bow gives you a good access point and good visibility while underway. Right here we have two skylights that open up into the forward VIP and just forward of that is your ground tackle and laid with teak. You’ll notice we have two anchors powered with two lunar windlasses that tie in with the bow row.

80 marlow salon

Entering through the stainless steel doors here into the salon, you immediately notice the visibility in the direct line of sight all the way to the bow. Visibility is everything. On this yacht, you have large windows to starboard and port, and even with your sitting down, you have unobstructed views. Here in the salon to port, you have L-shaped seating, and to starboard, you have a 50-inch flat screen TV mounted on a high low system. All the cabling and wiring, the houses, the TV and your Bose surround system can be found here. Along with your direct TV boxes, your Bose surround sound box, and also Sonos. I mentioned earlier this bar that was custom built by the owners. I wanted to let you know this thing has everything you need to service guests. You have a full ice maker, a fridge, a sink, an ample amount of storage throughout. Not to mention, you have another flat screen TV here that allows you to sit at the bar and watch your favorite race or game while you’re underway.

The final thing we find here across from the wet bar is a Sub-Zero 30 bottle wine cooler. Before we move forward to the galley, I want to take you down this stairway that’s access to the crew quarters and engine room. Here at the bottom of the steps, if you move forward, you have access to the engine room. If you move aft, you have access to the lazarette and connecting the two, you have crew quarters or captain’s quarters to the port side. You can walk around both sides with storage on either side, along with two port holes, bringing natural light. The poor holes are mirrored to starboard. What you see here is you have a single berth crew quarters with a dinette, as well as everything they need to make a quick meal. There’s a Samsung flat screen TV mounted on the bulkhead, along with a sink and a two burner cooktop, and there’s a Garmin repeater screen. Immediately after the crew dinette area moving aft, as this door entering into the Lazarette.

80 marlow crew quarter

To starboard, you’ll find a workbench your Glendening cable master, storage above, and as you move to port, you have a secondary Glendening cable master, along with a trash compactor and a washer and dryer combo. The last thing I want to mention here is your hydraulic lazarette door, giving you access to the swim platform or the crew quarters. As you leave the lazarette, you know, if you’re an owner operator, this is one of the coolest spots on boat. You have you’re on suite here with a separate shower and plenty of lounging space and everything that you need. This easily converts into a guest suite.

Just opposite to the on suite to port, houses a refrigerator. Your AC and DC controls and forward access to the engine room. When building an Explorer yacht, there’s no better power to go to than a Caterpillar C32. They’re efficient, they’re easy to maintain, and you can get servicing just about anywhere in the world. When you’re away from the dock, the Caterpillar C32’s give you a 24 knot cruise with top speeds upwards of 27/28 knots. Her slow cruise is around 13 knots, but her most efficient and economical is nine knots. So moving around the engine room, we have our hydraulic need stabilizer components along with our blue water maker that produces over 1800 gallons per day. Last but not least, outside of the main engines, you’ll find two generators. Both are built by Kohler and 32 kilowatts each. Whether you’re running generator or shore power, the access panel to control it all is easy, accessible right here in between the salon and the galley.

60 marlow galley

Three steps up here into the raised country kitchen, you find the galley. Whether you like to eat or whether you like to cook, this is the best spot to do it. As far as appliances, we’ve got this four size Sub-Zero stainless steel fridge and freezer. You also have your Viking four burner cook top. Along with a convection oven below, and just above this, you have microwave, your sink and stacked dishwashers.

As you come around the bar, you’ll also notice we have over under freezer drawers, along with access doors to starboard and port. When it comes time to grab a meal, this is going to be one of the most utilized areas on board. This dinette has room for eight to get cozy while enjoying the panoramic views. At the last part of this tour, we’re going to take you downstairs to the guest accommodation and start at the master stateroom, a midship. This yacht has just under a 22-foot beam and this master cabin takes up every inch of it. When it comes to storage, there’s no space wasted. You have hanging lockers to port and starboard, beautiful built in cabinetry with three pour holes to starboard. As if this cabinetry wasn’t enough to port, you have access to a walk-in closet. As we leave the master cabin, you have a washer and dryer here in the companion way that you pass as we move forward to the port cabin. On board, NEVER MY LOVE, there are no two cabins alike. This cabin has two side by sides with an on suite and a solid amount of natural lighting.

80 marlow owner's suite

Directly across the hall is accessed back up to the main deck and to starboard as your over and under banks. This cabin is the only one on board that does not have an on suite, so it shares this head with the VIP and it also doubles sometimes as a day head. The final stop on our walkthrough is going to be forward here through these double doors into the VIP. First thing you notice as you step in the VIP is the headroom, just like the other cabins on board, you have plenty of storage also highlighted with the bright white finishes and Satan Peak. Finally, in here you have an on suite head and shower. On behalf of myself and Denison Yachting, I want to thank you guys for joining us today on board, NEVER MY LOVE. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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