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82 Pershing Motoryacht [Boat Review + Video]

Denison Yachting | November 5, 2022

Take an extensive tour of the 82 Pershing Motoryacht [VIXEN] in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with Riccardo Solci.

This article is a transcription of the 82 Pershing video from Denison’s YouTube Channel. Tune in daily to discover the latest yacht video walkthroughs from the world’s largest yacht video collection. Watch the full video below:

Vivere L’ Emozione. This is an expression that we would use in Italy to describe the feeling of riding a Pershing. It’s a special feeling. It’s a moment where you know that you’re living a magical thing that is possible because there are many elements that are coming together at the same time. In the case of a Pershing yacht, you have to have the whole design and construction. It’s a class A yacht, able to withstand open ocean, eight force wind, 12 foot seas. So it’s a solid bodybuilder, but agile as a cheetah because you have the engine performance, the other element that makes that E possible 4,170 horsepower, 32 cylinder combined. And then you have the drive system, which is the CRX surface drive system, which allows you a performance that is not possible without.

And then you have a luxury product inside out in the line, in the finishing in the way that it was designed. And allow the lucky owner and the 12 passengers to enjoy spaces. So all of these elements together allow you to have that emozione of driving, emozione of being seen, emozione of showing off, emozione of leaving a beautiful moment because this vessel can go an 82 feet, 140,000 pounds that can fly at 46 knots. So just imagine what it takes and here in the Pershing you are able to leave that. The prelude of the thrill that is waiting for you upstairs on the upper helmet it’s given by this ladder in carbon fiber that is telling you that there is something special waiting for you on the sun deck. We are on the sun deck. Not really a fly bridge as big as a fly bridge, but basically it gives you the same pleasure. You are on a higher level of the vessel, the tallest place you can be and you have a beautiful sun pad comfortable shade with this sail and the carbon fiber pulling that are connecting to all the design element of the vessel to convertible launch chairs, that in this position that you see right now are facing forward for your passenger, but they can be turned around and they become launch chairs so that this becomes a very entertaining location of the boat and totally private.

82 pershing sundeck

Here on the sun deck is also very easy to show you how the navigation instrument that VIXEN has and here you have the radar and you know there are satellite GPS receiver satellite TV. I have also a spotlight and a flare night vision camera. This is very important for the privacy because you can close this hatch, you can raise the ladder, the carbon fiber ladder, and you can have total privacy here. Nobody can see you, nobody can surprise you, or you leave the ladder down. The hatch open and the whole boat is connected. I was a little bit nervous this morning because the weather forecast to where of rough seasoned high winds. In reality, it was totally opposite. We had the perfect condition and we were able with Captain Justice and my wife, Shelly to enjoy the performance of this vessel. And today we’re able to go out of the inlet of Fort Lauderdale, and we reach almost Miami, south of Hollywood.

It’s very unique because you have a size that might be smaller than other vessel, but you are so much faster than them. And then maybe there is somebody that is a little bit faster than you, but they are small and uncomfortable. So here you have the best package. Performance, agility statement. Fortunately, I have a master license, captain license, and today I took the opportunity though to go through an experience that I didn’t have before, honestly, which was driving a Pershing. I’ll show you what it is to ride a Pershing and it’s not this, but it’s this standing up like Napoleon because that’s who you are in the moment that you are riding a Pershing and driving it, and then maybe when nobody sees, you can relax and sit down and enjoy the riding in a more comfortable position.

82 pershing cockpit

We’re gonna raise now the carbon fiber business Sony Ladder because we are gonna focus on the aft deck, which is basically the place where you’re gonna spend most of your time when you are enjoying this vessel. Number one is a natural transition to go out from the salon, but then is also because here there is the action and the action in a Pershing is the rooster tail that goes up 30 feet given by the surface drive propeller, something that any guest that you have here will come here to see because it’s such a show of power. When you are safely at anchor, you can enjoy of course, this sun pad. Six people can lay down in sun pad and it combines of course with this beautiful sofa and the dinette table. With regards to refreshment, food and, and beverages, here you have a griddle with a sink. You have an ice maker. You have access to the crew quarter via this hatch, and these allow the crew during the night to enjoy their free time going in and out of the vessel without having to go through the salon. We are now opening up the Lazarette hatch, which is integrated into the stern deck.

This is more than a swim platform. Then go up and down. This is a deck that you can enjoy by deploying the concealed William Jet tender that is not here at the moment, and the jet ski and also relax while you’re coming in and out of the water from the nice and beautiful swim ladder that’s on the port side of the deck. And so these big Lazarette hutch can also serve as a big umbrella in which you are transitioning from the water back into the vessel.

82 pershing foredeck

Every area of this Pershing 82 gives you an opportunity to believe in its own identity. Here for example, on the forward deck, it can be a sexy sun lunch or it can be a family breakfast table. Anchoring is a very important moment in boating. It can be a very delicate moment where things can go around quickly in a sandbar or you can just set the anchor and have a beautiful piece of mind and enjoy the day. For the owner operator or for the owner that has only one captain, no eight. A very convenient feature of this yacht added by the owner is the yacht controller. So if I am an owner operator, I can deploy the anchor by myself, I can use the thruster. The bowl Western thruster to direct the vessel, and so I have total control from here.

I know that I have shown you a little bit of the aft deck, but I didn’t show you the most important feature. This aft deck can become so much more than just, an outdoor area by simple three action. The two side doors and the glass wall panel lowered, you now have a convertible space that integrates into the salon. And in a day like this, October in Miami where I’m wearing a jacket, impossible during the summertime, you can enjoy, no air conditioning and an open space. And if you are in colder weather, probably more time than us down here. Everything that I show you so far is what excite an owner operator, selfie, this ego guy that wants to drive the boat, but now we are in a family time. The most comfortable place of this salon without having to stay outside if you want to have the comfort of this enclosed area is definitely the couch. You have a fantastic view and it’s extremely comfortable. Normally on a boat, you have a high low TV. In this case, you have high low TVs because once that it’s raised, there are two screen. One for people are sitting on the aft deck, and another one for the people enjoying the couch.

82 pershing salon

One of the reason in terms of design of why this space is so open, clean, and free flowing is because the gal has been confined to the crew quarter on the lower deck. Nevertheless, in a convenience spot, the transitional space between inside and outside, you have a beverage cooler to port side and to starboard side in the cabinet, you have a wine, champagne cooler and an ice maker. Before we continue forward, I want to show you the crew quarter, the galley and the engine room that is accessible via this staircase. A very important design decision for this layout of this person was to put the galley down forward to the engine room, but here you have everything that you need to prepare entertainment for the guest. Vertical refrigerator with freezer, you have a mess where the crew can hang out and relax. And also you have three banks bed, one for the captain and one for two crew members. And of course you have a shared bathroom. And now we’re gonna show you what made all of this possible. The feeling, the EMOZIONE, the design, the ride, the engine room. There is a lot of engineering and technology. But the main components of course, the twin MTU engines, 2,435 horsepower. Each twin color 23 KW generator, twin sheer system in this particular vessel have the tropical package, which means that you have two compressors each chiller to make sure that in the Miami subtropical heat, everything, it’s cool. You’ll have a water maker and I can go on and on and on.

82 pershing lower helm

This lower control station can be intimidated and first because it’s full of instruments. And because of the special drive techniques that you have to have in the Pershing. Now in the upper dashboard, you have the multifunction display system for the regular GPS navigation, that finder, the autopilot. And then in the lower dashboard, you have the engines control will give you the information about the two MTU monster that you have in the engine room. This is between steering wheel and flaps and streams, you have the manual control of this performance. Yet, if you want to have it easy and you want to have the computer do everything by yourself, then you go into the ACS system, you press a button and the computer will do it for you. Then the ultimate of the pleasure when driving a Pershing is to sit on this wonderful Poltrona Frau leather pilot seat and my left hand, you have the tiller joystick control. This is basically a steering wheel so that you can control the lateral movement of the vessel in a quick, responsive way. Conveniently located to the starboard side of the helm is the main breaker panel where you can start the generators and you connect to shore power or vice versa.

Just a few step down from the electric panel, we have the lower deck and the accommodation area. To Amish ship, we have the owner’s cabin full beam and forward to port side, we have a twin cabin and then a VIP. The 82 Pershing comes with two different configurations with regards to accommodation, a four cabin layout and a three cabin layout that gives you the space of this media room where the owners have installed a wonderful bang and all sound and visual system. We have a flooring that is very unique, very nice, very catching, very pleasant, heavy duty.

82 pershing owner's suite

Now, after the banger all and TV of the media room at Amish ship to port side, we have the owner’s cabin. First of all, you have the enjoyment of touching a leather cover handle rather than the cold steel or chrome. You have leather, and then you have this vault, high ceiling illuminated that welcomes you into this dream location. The design of this master, it’s definitely different in the simplicity of the solution. It’s not the regular king site’s bed forward in the middle of the cabin. This is offset and it gives you many advantages in terms of design. First of all, large, whole side windows that are giving you these lights that is coming from everywhere, natural light. You have cabinetry everywhere and they need this bad that is high for a reason. There are cabinets that you can open and store everything that you need. There is a walking closet. Always with the leather touch in the handle that you can have with a nice, safe cabinetry again.

Another very novated and simple design solution is this frosted glass that divides the bathroom because it gives you light even when it’s closed and gives you privacy or maybe a little bit of curiosity because you can see a silhouette, but without seeing too much, this little chair that I have here, which is also storage, I can sit here and have a conversation rather than always being in the bed, and then I can also use it or she can also use it to do makeup while I take all my time for the shower, or I can use this one as a little office desk. Simple things that are making this room much bigger than what it is in terms of living opportunity. Now that I show you where you sleep, let me show you where your kids and guests would sleep. Follow me.

82 pershing guest stateroom

The good thing about this cabin is that it has twin beds, not an over under banks, so they’re not gonna fight for who wants to stay up or who wants to stay down. They are on the same level. Every cabin on board has its own natural light, a lot of storage, and also an in suite bathroom. The in suite bathroom of this cabin also is your day head for your guests because it has an access, independent access. And now the last stop, the VIP forward. Here now on the VIP forward, which is particularly large on a Pershing, because the design of this hull, it’s made in a way that this forward end of the hull, it’s wider than what it would be in a conventional design. You have a lot of room and besides a nice queen size bed, that you have a lot of storage. And finally, I really like the unsuited here.

82 pershing vip stateroom

It was a very long day today. We started at 5:30 in the morning, and Captain crew, everybody was really under the test, but it was really enjoyable, a beautiful day. Thank you very much for following us through this journey, I hope you enjoy. And, but we were able to explain the vessel and on behalf of Denison Yachting and myself, thank you again and if you would like to have a personal showing, do not hesitate to call me.

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