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Futuristic New Zealand Yacht Gets an American Owner, Will Be Moving to the Bahamas [In the News]

November 25, 2022 5:10 pm

A buyer who was looking for a powerful catamaran meant for family vacations, and with deep enough pockets, found that all his requirements would be met by a futuristic-looking yacht built all the way in New Zealand.

This article was featured on in November 2022

Someone who can spend millions on a luxury yacht has plenty of models to choose from in the U.S. But the American buyer who set his sights on the 114-foot (35 meters) SPIRIT had particular reasons for choosing this vessel built by New Zealand Yachts in 2005.

According to Michael Johnson, a broker with Denison Yachting, his customer wanted a family catamaran that could also double as a successful charter yacht. Many yacht owners see their floating mansions as investments, which is why they’re available for charter. Plus, it helps keep the luxury toys in great shape for whenever the owner decides to spend a vacation on board.

114 New Zealand catamaran SPIRIT

This is where SPIRIT topped other models because it’s been a popular charter option in its native country for some time now. If it did well in New Zealand, it should do the same in the Bahamas, the new owner concluded.

SPIRIT immediately stands out – although not very big, it looks like a spaceship on water. Bakewell-White Yacht Design was in charge of the naval architecture. A powerful catamaran, SPIRIT can cut through the waves at 18 knots (20.7 mph/33.3 kph) thanks to the twin Caterpillar engines.

114 New Zealand catamaran SPIRIT

Designed by the acclaimed Ken Freivokh, SPIRIT reveals spacious and sophisticated interiors, with accommodation for up to ten guests.

A generous jacuzzi spa is the main focus of the upper deck that wraps around the yacht, from the master deck to the large foredeck. A well-equipped bar on the top deck is the perfect spot for enjoying the breathtaking views.

The striking New Zealand catamaran fetched a few millions at Fort Lauderdale (it was asking for $6.4 million at the same of the sale) and is gearing up to start a new chapter in the Bahamas.

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