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SŌLACE 41CS: Top Features [New Boat for Sale]

Sarah Nadler | November 15, 2022

Explore the SŌLACE 41CS with newest Denison broker Connor Bradley.


The SŌLACE 41CS is the current flagship model of the SŌLACE Boats brand. Known to incorporate some of the most family and fishing features into one center console boat compared to the rest of the industry, SŌLACE has a team of craftsmen that truly know every aspect of boatbuilding.


One of Denison’s newest brokers, Connor Bradley represents the brand and has grown quite familiar with what he calls “the most versatile center console on the market”; his walkthrough video covers every inch of the 41CS. Read on to discover his picks for the top features of this remarkable fishing boat.



The SŌLACE 41CS is all about convenience. Focusing both on ease for family boating and usability for fishing, the use of magnets throughout this boat makes everything a breeze (while enjoying that same breeze). There are magnets everywhere–in the gunwales (there are special koozies designed to magnetically hold a beverage in place), in the seat cushions (which means no more fiddling with frustrating snaps that can also break). The magnets in the gunwales are especially helpful–they can be used to hold a fishing knife in place, or pliers, or any other magnetic tool…the options are endless, especially for fishing, making this feature very handy (literally). Our favorite part is that our drinks won’t go flying when we reach top speed!


A Step Up


The SŌLACE 41CS was designed with a hull that was created specifically by the SŌLACE team to reach top speeds and distances. Its one-of-a-kind, double-stepped hull design, which can be seen in the image above, enables the boat to cruise faster and go farther than any other boat in its class. This design element is exclusively created by SŌLACE Boats and is unique to the boating industry, making the brand stand out against its competitors. Way to step up!





The SŌLACE 41CS is built with a “Quick Gyro Stabilizer”, which is different than the stabilizers most other boats in its class use. This stabilizer is air-cooled, rather than water-cooled, so it does not suck in seawater, which can potentially cause bigger issues later on. Unlike other stabilizers, this stabilizer can also be spooled up on the lift or trailer before launching, so it does not need to be in the water, which can save a lot of time, especially since the process itself for this stabilizer is also much faster in comparison. Overall, this stabilizer has a much smaller and lighter footprint. Here’s to a smooth ride!



The SŌLACE 41CS specifically comes with tons of features and equipment, which are normally costly options or upgrades on other boats, as “standard”. Other than the aforementioned gyro stabilizer, this also includes the A/C, generator, and electric opening/closing windshield–one of the nicest features on this boat. With so many aspects that maximize comfort and convenience, it seems like the 41CS is the way to go (and the best way to get there).


See the full walkthrough video of the SŌLACE 41CS with Connor Bradley below:


Interested in learning more about the SŌLACE 41CS? Contact Denison broker Connor Bradley to inquire about this boat for sale.