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How to Sell Your Yacht Faster in 2023 [List With Us]

Sarah Nadler | January 19, 2023

Find the Right Yacht Broker + the Right Marketing Strategy

If you’re looking to sell your yacht, it is crucial to find the right yacht broker to sell your yacht quickly and for the highest price. For the best results, experienced brokers keep up-to-date with the developing trends of online marketing.

Your yacht should receive personal attention with marketing that’s proven effective, including professional videography, trusted search engine optimization strategies, and email blasts. To ensure that you’re in the right hands, ask your broker the right questions to learn how or if they–and their support team–are doing everything to market your boat. Whether you’re selling a trawler, sportfish yacht, catamaran, sailboat, or superyacht, here are ten questions you should ask your yacht broker to ensure results.

1. How Do Your Yacht Sales Compare to Other Yacht Brokers?

Other brokers
shy away from sharing real numbers with you about their sales compared to competitors.

Denison Yachting is always pushing to break our personal goals and get your yacht sold faster than ever. We’re transparent about how our sales correlate to our competitors and are proud to share our achievements.

2. Is My Yacht Shared on Competitor Websites?

Other brokers
don’t allow their listings to be shared on other websites.

Denison Yachting guarantees maximum exposure on all listings. We allow competitors to advertise our central listings on their websites. This means we might have to split our commission, but our commitment is to get your yacht sold, not to make a larger profit.

10 Questions to ask your yacht broker marketing

3. Is My Yacht Enhanced on YachtWorld?

Other brokers
don’t invest in making their listings stand out on YachtWorld.

Denison Yachting highlights your listing on the industry’s largest MLS with an enhanced ad. These enhancements make your listing more noticeable with a different background color and a larger footprint on the results page.

9 Questions to ask your yacht broker marketing

4. Is My Boat Advertised on 20+ Websites?

Other brokers
don’t take the time or make the investment to advertise their boats on dozens of yachting websites.

Denison Yachting will advertise your yacht on over 20 websites, including niche boating sites and international MLS services. Our goal is to have as many lines in the water as possible to get a bite.

5. How Does Your Email Marketing Strategy Get My Boat Sold Fast?

Other brokers
don’t take the time to organize a list of yacht broker email addresses, which leads to an outdated contact list that doesn’t get results. Ask your broker how large, and recent, their email list is.

Denison Yachting keeps an updated list of brokers, marinas, and industry contacts so we can blast your boat to as many relevant people as possible. We track new brokers, as well as brokers that move firms, to ensure that your boat is seen. In 2022, we sent more than 13,000,000 marketing emails – with an industry-leading open rate of 38.5%.

10 Questions to ask your yacht broker marketing

6. How Is Social Media Getting My Boat Sold Faster?

Other brokers
pretend social media isn’t important or doesn’t apply to yacht sales.

Denison Yachting knows social media matters, especially now. That’s why our marketing department is constantly building and engaging with our audience on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok, and Twitter. We’re proud to be ranked #1 across most major social media platforms.

7. Is My Yacht Photographed by a Professional?

Other brokers
take photos of their best listings with a cell phone.

Denison Yachting believes that successful listings are defined by great photography. A bad photo can give a bad impression that’s hard to reverse. Denison is willing to pay a professional photographer to take high-quality pictures of your yacht to truly impress potential buyers.

10 Questions to ask your yacht broker marketing

8. Is My Yacht Filmed by a Videographer?

Other brokers
don’t invest in producing videos that matter.

Denison Yachting is one of the only yachting firms that employs an in-house videographer, who produces walkthrough videos for our biggest listings. Our combined YouTubeFacebook audience reaches almost 400,000 engaged followers—a remarkable advantage to get your boat sold fast.

Watch Denison walkthrough videos here.

9. Is My Yacht Immediately Visible on the MLS?

Other brokers
delay listings from being activated on industry MLS websites to increase the chances that a yacht will be sold in-house.

Denison Yachting won’t prevent other brokers from seeing your listing on MLS sites in order to promote your yacht internally. Make sure your broker isn’t delaying the promotion of your yacht to a broad industry audience while they attempt to get both sides of the deal.

10 Questions to ask your yacht broker marketing

10. Is My Yacht’s Listing SEO Friendly?

Other brokers
don’t make a serious effort to create easy-to-find listings on Google.

Denison Yachting employs a digital team, including a programmer, designer, and content writer, to make listings visible on Google. This includes an aggressive SEO approach that focuses on meta tags, page titles, and keywords on your yacht’s landing page.

9 Questions to ask your yacht broker marketing

Sell Your Yacht Faster With Denison Yachting: