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Protect Your Yacht: Warranty Options for New Boats

Sarah Nadler | January 27, 2023

Any piece of machinery can break down unexpectedly. Protect yourself and your boat with a warranty from Denison.

Every boat or yacht owner knows the worry of potential damage to the expensive equipment that makes your vessel run. We reached out to the Denison F&I department to discover what options clients have to alleviate that stress.

Buying a pre-owned boat and concerned about engine or equipment breakdown or failure, along with the personal financial impact that can go along with that? Would you like to significantly reduce your financial risk of a catastrophic engine or systems failure on your new boat? You can now protect yourself and your new investment.

If your boat is 13 years of age or newer, Denison offers warranty options available to you that will cover a wide variety of engines and systems on your boat. This warranty coverage is extremely customizable to fit your specific needs and wants. Why not take away the financial worry of the unknown, by purchasing an extended warranty sold by Denison?

yacht on water

An extended warranty for a boat can provide peace of mind and protection for unexpected repairs and maintenance costs.

When purchasing a new or used boat, it can be easy to get caught up in the excitement of hitting the water and forget about the potential costs of repairs and maintenance down the road. An extended warranty can help to mitigate these costs and provide a safety net for unexpected expenses.

One of the main benefits of an extended warranty for a boat is the protection it offers for expensive repairs. Boats are complex machines with many moving parts, and unexpected repairs can be costly. An extended warranty can cover the cost of repairs for mechanical and electrical systems, as well as other components such as the engine and transmission.

Another benefit of an extended warranty for a boat is the peace of mind it provides. Knowing that unexpected repairs are covered can take a lot of stress off of boat owners, allowing them to enjoy their time on the water without worrying about the potential cost of repairs.

In addition to protection for repairs, an extended warranty for a boat may also include other benefits, such as coverage for towing and roadside assistance, rental coverage for a replacement boat, and even trip interruption coverage.

Unsure of whether a warranty is worth it? Here are some of the main advantages that can come from purchasing specific extended warranties:

  • Protection for expensive repairs, such as mechanical and electrical systems
  • Peace of mind knowing unexpected repairs are covered
  • Coverage for towing and roadside assistance in case of breakdowns
  • Financial security in case of unexpected repairs
  • Saving money in the long run by covering repair costs
  • Protection against costly repairs due to normal wear and tear
  • Coverage for the engine, transmission, and other major components
  • Coverage for electronic systems and navigation equipment
  • Coverage for fuel systems, steering systems, and more
  • Coverage for safety equipment and life-saving devices
  • Customization to meet the specific needs of the boater
  • A valuable asset when selling or trading in the boat
  • Can be transferable and add value to the next owner

Warranties can save you in the future. Purchase an extended warranty today, sold by our Denison business managers. In Florida, call Kurt Wilbur at (754) 276-4207. Outside of Florida, call John Zagorski at (310) 947-2092.


Beneteau 62 yacht

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