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Top 5 Drinks to Enjoy On Board: Drinks On Deck

Denison Yachting | January 26, 2023

This article was featured in the yachting magazine Numarine Insight.


The best thing to do on a warm summer afternoon after leaving the sea is to put on a linen shirt and sip a glass of ice-cold champagne. But no matter how much ice you pour into your bucket, the bottle may not get as cold as you desire. In these moments, Moët & Chandon Ice Imperial comes to the rescue. And yes, this modern champagne is unusually sipped by adding ice and mint leaves to the plexiglass.

Moët & Chandon Ice Imperial, champagne for yachting


Those who cannot bear to put ice in champagne, of course, deserve a “Millesime” champagne. Dom Perignon, the most famous of the vintage champagnes that gets better with age, is one of a kind with its unique flavor and prestigious image, especially perfect for entertaining hosts… But beware; it should never be over-cooled, and must be served with crystal flute glasses or with large wine glasses for rosé varieties.

dom perignon, best champagne on yachts


Rum has been the drink of sailors for centuries. And it is actually a rough, hard and heavy drink. Ten Cane, distilled on the island of Trinidad, rewrites the history of rum, produced not from sugarcane pulp like others in the market, but from the first pressed sugarcanes. That is why it is soft, elegant and aromatic. It can add a special touch to tropical fruit or citrus cocktails, or when cooled well, it can even be sipped dry in conical glasses.

ten cane rum, best drinks for yachting


The lightest type of rosé wine, blush, is a great drink to enjoy well chilled. But one should not just think of it as just a refreshing drink. It can also accompany fruit plates, cured fish tapas such as ceviche and other appetizers.

The lightest type of rosé wine, blush


Our ever-increasing selection of Turkish white wines offers refreshment and the perfect accompaniment for fish and seafood dinners on the deck in the summer. The 2020 harvest of Likya whites such as Arykanda Sauvignon Blanc and 7Bilgeler’s Anaxagoras make an ideal choice for appetizers or light starters this summer. And meanwhile, the armored prince of the seas, the lobster – or flavorful seafood such as jumbo shrimps – require a more mature white like Chamlija Thracian 2016.

best white wines for yachting

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