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Equipment Onboard: A Galley, Not a Kitchen

Denison Yachting | March 9, 2023

This article was featured in the yachting magazine Numarine Insight and was written by Deni̇z Kurt Görsev.

One of the biggest challenges on board is deciding which equipment to use in the yacht’s galley. Should the galley feature the appliances of a home kitchen or the industrial equipment of a restaurant kitchen?

To answer this question, we should go back to the start. It is important to note that a yacht’s kitchen has a unique name. It is not a kitchen. It is a galley. A galley is a space with its own needs, classified in between the home kitchen and restaurant kitchen. The need for galley equipment depends first on the size of the yacht and then on the menu to be served onboard.

Numarine Galley

24 -35 METERS

For yachts ranging between 24 and 35 meters, the galley can be thought of as a home kitchen. The largest kitchen appliance should be a mixer-sized product. There is no need for a bigger one, since there wouldn’t be any room for it. For example, even if you buy a stick sous-vide machine for the
30-meter yacht kitchen, it would be a wrong decision since you will not be able to buy a vacuum machine in the right size.


For yachts of 40 meters and above, the galley can be equipped with industrial kitchen appliances. Since any vessel in this length range is considered a superyacht, both the owner’s expectation and the number of crew increase according to the size of the boat. Besides professional appliances such as Sous-Vide machine, Pacojet, Vacuum machine, Thermomix, tools such as electronic slicer and cake machine should be kept in mind.

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