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Numarine Yachts: All Hands on Deck

Denison Yachting | March 14, 2023

This article was featured in the yachting magazine Numarine Insight and was written by Peli̇n Özcanli.

Turkey’s first international brand awarded the Turquality label, and among the world’s most ambitious explorer brands, Numarine keeps its secret safe at its ever-expanding facility.

In Numarine’s 35-thousand-square-meter climate-controlled and environmentally friendly production facility dedicated departments manufacture an exhaustive list of componentry in house, using cutting-edge technology and automation. The extensive facility can build up to 20 motor yachts a year with an overall length of between 22 and 45 meters.

With a niche production capacity of 20 motor yachts per year Numarine treats each yacht with the utmost care, allowing for semi-custom requirements to be undertaken with ease. The first international brand awarded the Turquality label, Numarine also received ISO 9001:2000 certification from RW TUV, further ensuring the consistently high quality of all yachts.


Numarine becomes Türkiye’s first international brand awarded the Turquality label

From day one, Numarine has used the very latest in vacuum infusion technology and composite materials to produce extremely rigid, lightweight and incredibly strong hulls. Numarine molds for all hulls, body and deck sections are created using one of Europe’s largest 5-Axis CNC machines. Capable of running 24 hours a day, the precision molds are produced to a tolerance of 0.1 mm, meaning each and every model is geometrically perfect from the outset.

With the vacuum infusion process, lightweight, composite materials such as Kevlar and Carbon Fiber are placed into the molds in a highly complex strategic order to benefit from each of the material’s unique properties. The sandwich of materials is then fused together under vacuum as the resin bonds all elements together in a temperature-controlled environment.

The result of this delicate process that involves the 22XP and 26XP models provides owners with a hull approaching the strength of steel, with a weight saving of up to 30% versus a traditionally laminated hull. This increased strength repelsimpacts in rough water, whilst the decreased weight delivers inherent economy, better stability and other performance benefits.


Numarine becomes Türkiye’s first international brand awarded the Turquality label

In addition to hull and production, Numarine has dedicated glass, cabinetry, upholstery and metal workshops in-house, producing each component found in the yachts. Brought to life with a large team of 300 people, the in-house production ensures the highly consistent quality, perfect fitment and optimum flexibility for customization on all models.

At Numarine, all activities in the factory are based around the Lean Manufacturing System: “First spot the problem, and train people, then solve the problems with the people you train.” From the bottom to the top, all employees are given the initiative to always improve their work. Inspired by the Japanese Kaizen program, this process saves time and ensures perfect operations.


Recent years have seen a rise in demand to live larger and travel longer while saving fuel making explorer type yachts popular worldwide. For this reason, Numarine has concentrated its efforts in research and design for this class of yachts that enable owners and their guests to venture far from the homeport for long periods.

Offering a silent life on board, the lithium-ion batteries included in the recent Silent Package also play a role in the success of the Explorer (XP) series, with low discharge rates and efficient energy storage. The coveted Explorer series allows owners to dedicate themselves to the discovery of secluded and captivating destinations, with no frequent refueling, and in absolute peace.

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