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The Creation of Charter Yacht SERENITY: Interviewing Doug Hoogs [Yacht Highlight]

Sarah Nadler | March 22, 2023

This luxury yacht charter was designed with charter guests in mind.

There are many reasons to charter the spectacular luxury yacht SERENITY, the 133-foot IAG that features an impressive six-stateroom layout for up to 12 guests. She is currently available for charter in the Bahamas and offers a truly luxurious vacation. With wide, multigenerational appeal and some of the most awe-inspiring exterior and interior features, this charter yacht can basically market itself. Nonetheless, at a recent open house for the vessel, we sat down with Doug Hoogs, one of the key craftsmen involved in the build and design of this unique superyacht. After hearing his perspective of SERENITY and all her features, let’s just say…now we’re sold.


One of the top points Doug made in his descriptions of this superyacht was highlighting the Evan K. Marshall design, with “such a clear understanding of the volume.” He mentioned that this is what charter guests like most, between the design itself and the use of space–and “how many little spots couples can go off to…there are actually 18 destinations on the boat to break off to.”

The theme from the beginning, according to Doug, was for SERENITY to be designed as a charter yacht specifically for the Bahamas–so with a “very low draft to get super close to shore”. He mentioned that this was a great feature since everyone going to the Bahamas and the Caribbean, in general, is trying to get as close to the shore as possible. The lower the draft, he explained, there won’t be any damage to the bottom of the boat, keeping it as pristine as can be and maintaining the condition of the boat for years to come. The seven-foot draft allows charter guests to truly enjoy their vacation with ease, accessibility, and (quite) nearby beauty.

Doug also highlighted how impressive SERENITY’s six-stateroom layout is for a 133-foot motor yacht. He again shed light on the clever design relative to the space, making room for three owner staterooms–a sky lounge main cabin plus two more–a setup he described as “almost like a deck for each couple.” This is an ideal trait for the charter market, as charter guests often travel with friends–where each couple or family may want privacy, comfort, and exclusivity.


There are other highlights in terms of the space. “The big sky lounge is unique for this size,” Doug shared, “as is the sun deck above, which is also a very large space.” He also underlined the fact that there is plenty of storage for a tender and toys–another big appeal for charter guests who are coming aboard with their loved ones to have as much fun as possible.

The benefits don’t stop there. Doug described SERENITY’s Caterpillar engines as very reliable, and “all the usual stuff that makes American yachting special; we call it ‘American friendly systems’.” He also discussed how important it is to have a strong understanding of how to keep these systems and machinery running. The crew has a lot to do with the smooth sailing, so their comfort and liveability are equally important. “I believe that the crew’s quarters are spacious, which is important with a charter because of having a comfortable lifestyle. There is a large galley with a dinette because charterers love sitting in the galley and chatting with the chef.”

All in all, it’s safe to say that SERENITY’s list of features warrants it as one of the finest charter yachts in Denison’s fleet.

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