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Alaska Yacht Charter

Alaska is a truly unique destination. Northwest of Canada and the largest but most sparsely populated state in the U.S., Alaska is known for its dramatic, diverse terrain of wide-open spaces, mountains, and forests, with abundant wildlife and many small towns. The beautiful ice mountain scenery, as well as the very friendly people, will give you insight into a state where spontaneity and excitement rule over certainty and home comforts. An Alaska yacht charter is a unique experience

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DAY 1: Embark in Juneau 

The capital of Alaska, Juneau is a popular cruise-ship spot, reachable only by boat or seaplane. Visit the Mendenhall Glacier to witness the ice formations that have constantly been changing and forming the landscape for thousands of years.

The Glacier Gardens Rainforest is a destination with unique gardens set against a forest landscape, with guided tours & panoramic views over Juneau. Your tour will take you up the mountain in comfortable golf carts through lush rain forest as you witness incredible flower gardens.


DAY 2: From Juneau to Tenakee Springs 

Tenakee Springs is a small town with Tlingit roots that is known for its hot mineral springs. The key leisure activities you can enjoy in this pretty town all involve water. Fishing, kayaking, whale watching and sailing are all popular.

The Tongas National Forest surrounds Tenakee Springs, and camping is allowed in the forest. Tenakee Springs also presents opportunities for viewing wildlife in every direction.

DAY 3: From Tenakee Springs to Sitka

Located on Baranof Island along the Alaska Panhandle, Sitka is a city that was formerly under Russian control. If you would like to know more about Sitka's rich and interesting history, you must visit the nearby Sitka National Historical Park that depicts the encounters between Europeans and native Alaskans.

The park now helps preserve the culture of the native Tlingit people, as well as the Russian and American settlers, with collections of rare artifacts and the preserved remains of the Tlingit fort. There is also a Russian bishop house that visitors can stroll through.

DAY 4: From Sitka to Baranof Island 

The smallest of the so-called ABC islands of Alaska and named after a Russian Navy captain, Baranof Island hosts some of the highest mountains in the entire state, so if you like climbing in harsh temperatures while enjoying breathtaking views, this spot is perfect for you.

The untouched wildlife on this island will leave you in awe. Enjoy a bath in a natural hot pool situated adjacent to a roaring waterfall before you head down the 150-mile long Chatham Strait to Red Bluff, where you're likely to view humpback and killer whales.

DAY 5: From Baranof Island to Frederick Sound

In the summer, Frederick Sound is a great destination for whale watching. The sound provides a passageway between Kupreanof Island, to the south, and Admiralty Island, where you can take the tender for some halibut fishing. Go for a hike ashore and you can also visit the nearby sea lion colony.

DAY 6: From Frederick Sound to Tracy Arm

Next cruise to Tracy Arm, where you can take an incredible trip through a granite-walled fjord to observe the Sawyer Glacier. A wide variety of wildlife, including eagles, seals, mountain goats and even brown bears, can be seen here.

Tracy Arm has also has breathtaking mountains and sheer rock walls that reach up over a mile high with waterfalls that tumble down to the emerald green water, and Alaska's largest icebergs.

DAY 7: From Tracy Arm to Mitkof Island

Leave next for St. Petersburg, which is a famous fishing community in Northern Mitkof Island. It is also called ‘Little Norway’ because it was founded by Norwegian settlers in the 1890s.

Here, you can relax away from the crowds, as the town is not a port of call for large cruise ships, which are unable to navigate the Wrangell Narrows, a winding, scenic waterway between Mitkof and Kupreanof islands.

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