Bahamas Yacht Charter

Bahamas Yacht Charter

With the slogan “It’s Better in the Bahamas,” you can be sure you are in for a treat on your Abacos Islands Bahamas yacht charter. Located northeast of Nassau and The Exumas, the Abacos offer stunning clear blue waters, warm breezes, sparkling white-sand beaches, and friendly local culture.


Nassau to Highbourne Cay

Nassau, the capital of The Bahamas, has the excitement of a big city and the ease of a tropical island. The bustling city is filled with lots of culture and modern amenities. There are endless things to do with all the beaches, resorts, restaurants, shops, nightlife, a golf course, an aquarium and a casino.Next stop Highbourne Cay! Highbourne Cay is known worldwide as the gateway to the ultimate ephemeral islands and home to the indigenous rock iguanas.


Norman's Cay

This notorious cay is nestled in the northern most part of the Exuma chain, located just 220 miles southeast of Miami. The conditions are perfect for all your favorite water sports and activities. But if you’re in the mood for maximum relaxation, this is a prime location for sundrenched leisure. From 1978 to around 1982, Norman’s Cay was a popular drug smuggler’s hotspot. The remains of a plane crash on the southwest point attract tourists and snorkelers from all over the world. The sunken ruins create the scene for an underwater adventure surrounded with an array of colorful tropical fish and vibrant coral.


Shroud Cay

Part of the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park territory, Shroud Cay is an uninhabited archipelago of rocks and beaches that boasts an enchanting channel of mangroves. The sheltered coves serve as an ideal home for conch, lobster, sea turtles, and other various marine creatures, making this the perfect place to go diving and snorkeling.


Wardick Wells

Warderick Wells serves as the headquarters of The Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park and is very popular for the skeleton of a 53-foot Sperm Whale which died in 1995 after swallowing a plastic bag. This is definitely something you have to see for yourself! If you’re looking for some privacy, there are 20 secluded beaches located throughout the island’s border.


Staniel Cay

Explore untouched beaches and lose yourself in the elegant paradise of Staniel Cay. Enjoy snorkeling and diving at James Bond’s famous
“Thunderball Grotto”- a hollowed-out cave, filled with a thousand colorful fish. Climb to the top for an amazing view, then take a deep breath and jump through the hole for an extra thrill. Once you’re in, feed the fish from your hand and surround yourself in a kaleidoscope of tropical ambiance.


Big Major Cay

Big Major Cay, also known as Pig Beach is an uninhabited island that takes its ‘unofficial’ name from the fact that it’s populated by a colony offers pigs that have learned how to swim. If you are offshore, the pigs will most likely swim out to you and if you go close to the shore Aqua Pig and the gang will probably try jump aboard and eat your lunch. It’s unclear how the pigs got there, some believe they survived a shipwreck and others believe that sailors left them there for a future meal and never returned.


Highbourne Cay

The friendly dragons of Highbourne Cay welcome you back and are deeply excited to see what you do next. Today you can indulge in some fishing, snorkeling, water sports or visit one of the elegant restaurants with a 360-degree view. Dive in and explore the Bahamian stromatolites which are living relatives of Earth’s oldest reefs. They are the only known examples of present-day stromatolites growing in open ocean conditions, equivalent to those of 1 to 2 billionyear- old.



Glistening streets and white beaches welcome you back to the city of Nassau.The James Bond theme gives Nassau an edge of mystery and excitement, that should be shaken, not stirred. The rich culture and colonial architecture will certainly make it hard to leave today, but take it all in and start planning your next adventure with Denison Yachting soon!