After 35 years of owning the same 35-foot sailboat; we were ready for a newer, bigger, boat with modern conveniences. I saw one online I wanted to see. I choose Denise purely by coincidence; she and I share the same name (my maiden name is Denise George!). The choice was serendipitous and the very best! She showed us the boat and we loved it, but someone beat us to the offer/acceptance.

We were disappointed and wondered if we would ever find another. Denise quietly kept working on finding us the boat of our dreams. I found others and Denise accommodated our questions and desire to look, but persisted in working on finding “the right boat”. It is like she knew exactly what we needed.

She is extremely knowledgeable and well connected. She used her networking and contacts until she found our boat. It was never listed, she made arrangements for us to see it knowing it was perfect for us. Denise made the process so easy that it closed before we even knew what was happening. Her professionalism is there, but she makes the process feel like friends having a great time buying a boat.

The experience was excellent! Denise’s Bio says “Helping people find and live their boating dreams is where I am most happy.” In doing so, she makes her customers happy. It is a perfect win/win! We love our boat and hope to stay in contact with our new boating friend, Denise George!

Denise & Dave Neptune // Long Beach, CA on Denise George

I sailed throughout my formative years, then, as many people do, drifted away from the water, called to career, family, etc. A few years ago, as I watched happy boaters heading out for a day on the water, I wondered why I wasn't one of them, and decided to buy a boat.

Easier said than done. Where to start? Who to talk to? How much to pay? What kind of boat was right for me? It quickly became apparent that going on Craigslist wasn't the answer, so I sought out a professional yacht broker.

Luckily, I met Denise George. Her expertise (and patience!) in helping me understand what it was I was really looking for, and what was a realistic goal, made the the whole experience more than a business transaction: she brought me back to boats, and put me back on the water. It was quite a process, and Denise stayed involved and committed throughout: no question was too small, no issue too mundane. Denise responded thoughtfully to all my concerns, took me out on several sea trials, and searched the entire country for the boat that best suited me.

I'm now the proud owner of a beautiful J-32, which I sail solo, with friends, in races, and, most rewardingly, with my 5-year-old son, who absorbs the same lessons and inspiration from the sea that I did back in the day. He hauls lines, jumps on a winch and yells out to other boats with the best of them. Amazing.

So, thanks Denise, for everything. Your guidance and wisdom have lead to more than owning a boat, fantastic as that is: my life is on a whole new course.

Tim Lea // J32 Owner // Southern California on Denise George

We couldn’t have asked for a better yacht broker than Denise George.  I have been working in the marine business for over 30 years and when it came to selling my boat I picked Denise and was not disappointed.  Denise’s knowledge and dedication to her profession is exemplary.  She took care of every detail of the transaction in the utmost professional manner.  It is obvious how much she loves her job and I want her to know how grateful my wife and I were.  The only problem I had was that she sold my boat to fast!  I will definitely use Denise for any future purchases and sales.

Alan Day on Denise George

Working with Denise George as our yacht broker was a pleasurable and very smooth experience.   We had excellent service from her on both the selling of our existing boat, and the much larger purchase of our new boat.  She worked very hard in both scenarios, making it clear that her top priority was in meeting our needs and assuring that we were happy and well advised and informed.  Denise proved to be very knowledgeable, professional, personable, trustworthy, patient, and intuitive -- really listening to what we were communicating about what we desired, culling out our mindsets, and meeting those needs.

We depended on Denise and trusted her fully, and she did not disappoint.  She eliminated any stresses we may have thought we would have had in the purchase of a sailing yacht by taking care of all the physical arrangements (sea trial, the boatyard, etc.), Coast Guard Documentation, financial and official paperwork, and, most importantly, being available at every step to council and advise us.  I would never hesitate to recommend Denise’s broker services to anyone – she is a wonderful partner to have in either your selling or purchasing needs, or both!

Jim and Sue Baranski on Denise George