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Central America Yacht Charter

Chartering a megayacht in Latin America: between the rainforest and ancient ruins, white-sand beaches, and pristine waters, the true adventurer will strive for a yacht charter in Central America. From the mangroves of Mexico and Guatemala to the fishing grounds of Costa Rica, there are so many landscapes and terrains to discover. The options don’t just stop on the surface; the great blue hole of Belize is one of the most incredible dive spots in the world.

Costa Rica

9.7489° N, 83.7534° W

Costa Rica, a rugged, rainforested Central American country with coastlines on the Caribbean and Pacific, shines through its diverse landscapes and unforgettable, untouched nature. In only 51,000 square kilometers, you can find sun and beaches, adventure, nature, and culture – necessary components to satisfy the likes of the few went on a Costa Rica Yacht Charter.


0.9538° S, 90.9656° W

The Galapagos Islands are a small cluster of islands set along the Equator in the Pacific Ocean that is part of Ecuador. Ecuador has gone to great lengths to preserve this piece of time in a bottle, and the lucky few who get to experience such a wonderful abundance of all life truly never forget one moment there.A Galapagos Yacht Charter is reserved for the very few adventurer and true experiencer.


17.1899° N, 88.4976° W

Nestled between the thick jungles of Central America and the clear blue Caribbean. Belize is a natural paradise waiting to be explored. Although Central America’s youngest nation, there is breathtaking scenery that spans the ages. From the millennia-old Mayan ruins to the beautiful coral reefs growing off its shores, Belize is one of the most exciting Caribbean destinations to visit by yacht today.