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Croatia Yacht Charter

Over the past decade, superyachts have flocked to the once-quiet region, with its enchanting combination of natural beauty and glamour quickly earning it the title of the French Riviera of the Eastern Mediterranean.

On a Croatia yacht charter, you can dine at white cloth tables on the ramparts of Dubrovnik, swim in the crystal clear lakes of Mljet, and dance until dawn on terraces on the jet-set island of Hvar. Spend long days basking on the white sand beaches of Brac, relax into the bewitching beauty of Vis, and explore the Venetian palaces and ancient ruins of Split.

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DAY 1: Embark in Dubrovnik 

Your Croatia yacht charter will begin in Dubrovnik, a magnificent fortress city that looms above the Adriatic, its high ramparts protecting an old town of cobbled lanes, exotic gardens heavy with lemons and pomegranates, and a bewitching skyline of ornate palazzi and Baroque churches. Spend a blissful afternoon exploring, making sure to walk along the top of Dubrovnik’s city walls, where Game of Thrones fans will delight in recognizing some of their favorite King’s Landing backdrops.

At sunset, make your way to one of Dubrovnik’s famous “hole in the wall” bars, their terraces built into the ramparts with breathtaking views of sky and sea, before adjourning to one of Dubrovnik’s fine dining restaurants, such as 360, where white-cloth tables sit atop the walls of a Baroque palace, making this one of the most glamorous tables in town.


Day 2: Dubrovnik-Mjlet

Have breakfast on deck as the yacht floats out into the sparkling waters of the Eastern Med, the high walls of Dubrovnik falling out of sight. Your first island stop is the dreamy island of Mljet, where you’ll discover a pristine, wild paradise of deep green forest and crystal clear lakes.

Scuba divers may want to start their day on Mjlet with a dive to explore the incredible caves and corals offshore, while those chasing Mediterranean myths will want to swim or tender to Odysseus’ Cave, where Homer’s hero was said to have been held for seven years by the nymph Calypso. Mjlet’s forest paths are the perfect place for walking or renting a bicycle, while the coast is dotted with pretty villages and abandoned houses, their stone crumbling into ruins among the olive groves.

The real highlight of Mjlet, however, are the two inland lakes of Malo Jazero and Veliko Jezero, which are connected to the sea by a narrow canal, and are the perfect place for swimming and kayaking in crystalline waters. There is a small island in the middle of Velinko Jezero, where a 12th century Benedictine monastery sits on the shore; and the island has a little restaurant for a delicious seafood lunch. Thoroughly relaxed after your day in nature, you’ll spend your evening at anchor in Mjlet, dining on deck by the silvery sea.


The yacht will slip away early the next morning for Vis, another island famed for its almost mythic beauty. Vis is often likened to Capri (but without the crowds) and even has its own Blue Grotto on an islet just offshore. Vis is a place to relax and enjoy, whether swimming in a stunning cove lined by cliffs, wandering the rolling vineyards, or exploring the elegant Venetian port towns and narrow alleyways of Luka, Komiza, and Kut.

The island was cut off from the world for many years as a military base, so development is minimal and the Venetian architecture has been splendidly preserved. After so many years in isolation, the island is now undergoing a food and wine revival, with bustling waterfront cafes and bars and a feeling of conviviality that has many visitors vowing that Vis is the best island in all of Croatia.

Vis certainly boasts some of the Dalmatian Coast’s best beaches, both pebbled and sandy, so spend a happy day at anchor, playing on the watertoys and swimming to secluded coves, before heading ashore for an afternoon stroll and a drink in a waterfront bar.



Turn up the glamour quotient on day four of your charter, when the yacht cruises to the ultra-chic island of Hvar. If Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast is the French Riviera, Hvar is unquestionably its St. Tropez. Dock the yacht in Hvar Harbour, where all the superyachts gather and step ashore to stroll the marble streets, shop in the designer boutiques, and explore the beautiful cathedral. The more adventurous will want to hire a scooter or chauffeur to explore the island’s enchanting landscapes of sweet-smelling lavender and rosemary fields, drystone walls, and pretty villages.

Lunch might be enjoyed in the shady garden terrace of a 15th-century palace at Restaurant Palace de Paladins, while beach lovers will want to spend a long afternoon dining and sunbathing at the Carpe Diem Beach Bar, a sophisticated A-list haven just offshore in the lush Paklemi Islands.

As the afternoon wanes, head to the bohemian-chic Hula Hula Beach Bar at sunset for live music and a swim off the rocks, before adjourning for dinner at the fanciest table in town at Giaxa. The nightlife in Hvar Town is legendary, with the Carpe Diem Club and Pink Champagne Bar dominating the club scene until dawn.

Day 5: Hvar-Brac

Have a decadent morning with no alarm as the yacht makes its way to Brac, waking up for brunch on deck anchored off Bol, one of the most strikingly beautiful beaches in Europe. A narrow, perfectly formed spit of white sand extends from the forest, and clear sapphire seas create the perfect spot for a refreshing swim and some action on the watertoys. Nature lovers will want to head into the mountains to see Brac’s multicolored lakes and the utterly magnificent view from atop Mount Vidora Gova, while adventurers won’t be able to pass up the opportunity to swim in one of the old submarine pens carved deep into the coastline.

Brac has a rich history to explore, from the beautiful monasteries and cliff hermitages to the 5,000-year-old village of Skip. Brac also has a famous history of mining its beautiful white limestone, from being shipped to America to build the White House in the late 1700s, right back to the slaves who mined it for Diocletian’s Palace in Split around 2,500 years ago.

Spend a leisurely day enjoying Brac’s many pleasures before heading back to the yacht for a tranquil night at anchor.

DAY 6: Brac-Trogir

Today the yacht will make its way to Trojir, the best preserved Romanesque-Gothic city in all of Europe. Trojir is a tiny walled island linked to the Croatian mainland by a bridge, and its jumble of red terracotta roofs, soaring spires, and palm trees contrast vividly with the cobalt blue sea. Named one of the top 10 island cities of the world by National Geographic, UNESCO-listed Trojir enchants with its Renaissance palaces, marble-paved alleyways, and elegant stone churches, including the superbly designed Cathedral of Saint Lovo.

In the afternoon, those wanting to have one last experience of island bliss can move the yacht to Drvenik Mali or Drvenik Veli just offshore for an afternoon of swimming and relax before heading back into port to enjoy the lively bar and café scene of Trogir's waterfront.

DAY 7: Split

Your charter will end in Split, a lively, large Dalmatian city that is overflowing with treasures. The highlight is the Old Town, where Diocletian built his palace in the 4th century BC, and which now forms the center of a historic district of immense charm and interest. Visit the bustling piazza, look over the town from the Cathedral Bell Tower, and stroll the narrow lanes, where Games of Thrones fans will recognize the streets of Bravos and Mereen.

No one ever wants to leave their Croatia charter yacht, but if one must, Split is the place to do so with the least regret. We recommend spending an extra night here after disembarkation to really enjoy this spectacular and exciting UNESCO-listed city.

Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast is sheer yachting paradise.

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