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East Mediterranean Yacht Charter

Yacht charter in the Eastern Med: from the white stone walls of Greece to the ancient castles of Croatia, an Eastern Mediterranean yacht charter is one remarkable destination. Filled with history and adventure, romantic escape and festive fun, your yacht charter will cruise the turquoise waters of the Aegean and Ionian seas. 



45.1000° N, 15.2000° E

Croatia is one of the world’s great yachting playgrounds, its Adriatic coastline a breathtaking landscape of tranquil islands and forested mountains surrounded by a blue-green sea. On the stunning Dalmatian Coast, crystal clear coves are backed by cypress pines, and lavender fields and olive groves surround picturesque villages and walled fortress cities.


39.0742° N, 21.8243° E

In the Ionian archipelago, lush green islands of pine and wildflowers are scattered through a bright turquoise sea. Rugged mountains and olive groves surround Venetian palaces and ancient temples, and sheer limestone cliffs fall away to some of Europe’s best beaches and glimmering sea caves.

Rich in history and Greek myth, the Ionian Islands make excellent high season cruising due to their minimal summer winds, with rustic waterfront tavernas and glamorous restaurants creating the perfect mix of authentic Greek island life and superyacht decadence. Here’s a sample 7-day charter itinerary for the Ionian Islands


35.9375° N, 14.3754° E

Malta has long sat on the periphery of the Mediterranean yachting scene, but this superb charter destination is now set to get hotter than hot, with its crystal clear waters promising spectacular cruising, the best diving in Europe, and a history so magnificent that a Malta yacht charter is like traveling through time.

As you float between the islands of Malta, you can dive WWII bomber planes, explore glowing blue grottos, see Caravaggio’s masterpieces and visit megalithic temples. Add in stunning fortress cities, colorful fishing villages, blissful blue lagoons and a burgeoning luxury scene, and you’ve got a yacht charter destination that will not fail to enchant. With the balmy subtropical weather delivering warm seas and sunshine long into the Mediterranean fall, the three islands of Malta are within easy reach of each other, making this sunny archipelago the perfect yachting playground.


38.9637° N, 35.2433° E

Sailing in Turkey puts you in the crossroads of history, culture and religion. This country has become one of the most important yachting destinations and is one of the most popular places for a yacht charter. Discover Istanbul, the meeting point of the Aegean, Marmara & Black Seas or enjoy the blue turquoise waters, a well planned Turkey yacht charter vacation will allow you to get immersed in the most natural environment the Mediterranean has to offer.