Croatia Yacht Charter

Croatia Yacht Charter

Over the past decade, superyachts have flocked to the once-quiet region, with its enchanting combination of natural beauty and glamour quickly earning it the title of the French Riviera of the Eastern Mediterranean.

On a Croatia yacht charter, you can dine at white cloth tables on the ramparts of Dubrovnik, swim in the crystal clear lakes of Mljet, and dance until dawn on terraces on the jet-set island of Hvar. Spend long days basking on the white sand beaches of Brac, relax into the bewitching beauty of Vis, and explore the Venetian palaces and ancient ruins of Split.



Start your Croatian holiday at the seafront promenade, Split. As Croatia’s second largest city, Split is known for one of the best locations to experience the true essence of the Croatian lifestyle. The breathtaking landscapes and tranquil islands of Croatia are just waiting for you to explore. As a city that is always humming with activities and people, it is the perfect balance between tradition and modernity.



Trogir is known for its alchemy and mixture of renaissance, baroque and Romanesque buildings. The narrow streets are filled with inspirational art and historical culture, with no two alleyways the same. Trogir is brought to life with its lavish green vegetation and surrounding pebble covered rocky beaches. The pebbles act as a barrier against the ocean current, providing calm waters that make bathing in the translucent sea an absolute pleasure



Brac is like something out of a fairy tale and many people believe this island has magical powers. It has crystal clear waters, ancient stonemasonry and a spectacular shape-shifting beach. Visit the town of Bol, famous for the beautiful beach of Zlatni Rat that extends out from the pine forest to meet the turquoise sea, creating one of the most visually spectacular beaches in the world. Feel the magic within the smooth white pebbles that make up the beach.



Hvar Island is rich in history and lush with abundant stands of pine trees and lavender fields. The Venetiansplayed a prominent role in the island’s history and the architecture and this is why many of the viillages look like a little Venice. Hvar has a remarkably beautiful waterfront town with a centralized open plaza, a magnificent clock tower at one end and a small fishing harbor at the other. The whole town is made out of white stone with flowers in every corner and a number of amazing restaurants



The mystery and ‘lost in time’ facade is what makes Vis so enchanting. The famous ethereal ‘Blue Caves’ of Vis attract travelers from all over the world, and justifiably so! The electric glow of the neon blue water illuminates as the sun shines through the cave just before midday. Explore these radiant blue waters and listen for the rhythmic clapping of water against the walls that echo.



Korcula is another island famous for all its wine tasting, so we hope you have done your stretches for the day. There are plenty of vineyards to visit and olive groves to admire. While sipping on your delicious local wine, be sure to check out The Knight Societies, a sword dancing performance throughout the year, symbolizing the battle between good and evil. This medieval town has passed on this tradition for the better half of four centuries. With miles of tarmac lanes and country footpaths, the Island of Korcula is one of the favored walking, hiking and cycling destinations in Croatia.



Mljet is considered to be the most beautiful of all the Croatian islands. Visit the quaint villages and vineyards throughout the island, cycle the scenic forest paths along the shoreline or explore the Roman ruins and ancient shipwrecks in the deep. This is the right place for those who want to escape into a paradise of secluded coves and sparkling water, breathe deep and let the world fall away on Mljet



Welcome to Dubrovnik, a historic and timeless city known worldwide for its unspoiled natural beauty and charm. It’s considered to be the ‘Pearl of Adriatic’. Once you enter this fortified city through an impressive Medieval gateway, you’ll be able to endlessly explore winding alleys, terraced restaurants, flowered stairways and magnificent churches. Learn about the fascinating and rich history from within the many ancient medieval walls, take a stroll down to the harbor and absorb the beauty of it all from one of the numerous cafes. However you decide to spend your last day in Croatia, we hope you had an amazing time and will take home some of the Croatian magic.