Beneteau Gran Turismo

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Gran Turismo Express Cruisers for sale by Beneteau

Long cruises, fishing, quick trips, sport and great sensations. Oceans, seas, lakes and rivers. All types of boating, all types of pleasure, and all horizons in seven ranges and forty models. There is a dream to suit everyone.

Every new Beneteau comes with a 3 year stem to stern warranty and a 7 year structural warranty backed by Beneteau.

The entire Gran Turismo range feature Beneteau's patented and proprietary Air Step® technology. Co-designed by Beneteau engineers Patrick Tableau, Maud Tronquez and Rémi Laval-Jeantet, this new Air Step® hull produces a smoother more comfortable ride and provides greater fuel efficiency, maneuverability and control.

-Reduced fuel consumption
-Quicker acceleration
-Increased maximum speed

-Exceptional stability
-Easily slices through waves
-Optimal maneuverability
-Outstanding control

-"Air cushion" effect to the rear of the hull
-Linear acceleration
-Turns easily handled