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Dufour Sailing Yachts

50 Years of Passion.

Denison Yachting is the exclusive dealer for Dufour Sailing Yachts in California.

For 55 years, Dufour Yachts has developed award-winning sailing yachts. Distinguished styling and racing performance, combined with family comfort, has given Dufour an internationally known reputation for excellence.

Since 1964, Dufour has been building the highest quality performance cruising yachts for a very discerning European market. When Michel Dufour first began producing his inaugural sailboat line, Sylpie, he may not have realized that just eight years later, in 1973, Dufour would become France’s leading production boat builder, earning the national French Export Prize.

Dufour’s high-performance hull lines continue to capture the imagination, while the elegant and spacious mahogany interiors delight with their modern, comfortable layouts and superb craftsmanship. The highest-quality materials and production techniques are a staple of Dufour Yachts.

New Yachts

Dufour 61
Available In California
Dufour 56
Available In California
Dufour 530
Available In California
Dufour 470
Available In California
Dufour 430
Available In California
Dufour 412
Available In California
Dufour 390
Available in California
Dufour 360
Available In California
Dufour 310
Available In California

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