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Seychelles Yacht Charter

Behind the powder soft beaches, giant Seychelles tortoises lumber along palm-frond paths that lead away into lush rainforest, where luxury resorts promise infinity pools and glamorous day spas overlooking the sapphire sea. Whether you’re dreaming of lazing about on perfect beaches, getting your thrills diving and deep sea fishing, or wandering through vanilla plantations and primeval jungle, you’ll feel like you’ve fallen into the pages of a Conde Nast travel magazine as you cruise through the Seychelles on your charter yacht.

There are 115 islands in the Seychelles, stretched out over a million square kilometers. Luckily for yacht charterers, many of the most beautiful islands are condensed in an area around the three main islands: Mahe, La Digue, and Praslin, with short passages and calm waters making for idyllic tropical cruising. Even better, the Seychelles are located outside the hurricane belt, meaning that you can charter there safely year-round.

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Day 1: Arrival Mahe to St Anne

Begin your charter on the breathtaking island of Mahe, the capital of the Seychelles. Those with the luxury of time are advised to arrive on Mahe before your yacht charter begins to spend an unforgettable day driving around the island’s dizzying mountain and coast roads, stopping for a swim and a decadent long lunch at the Banyan Tree resort.

As much as you might like to linger here on Mahe a while, adventure awaits on the nearby islands, so join your yacht at Eden Island Marina at midday and take the short cruise out to the Sainte Anne Marine Park, enjoying an elegant lunch on deck with the vivid sea and jungle backdrop of the Seychelles slipping by.

Day 2: Moyenne - La Digue

Wake up for a dreamy breakfast on deck at the island of Moyenne, the smallest national park in the world and home to 120 giant tortoises and a dazzling array of tropical trees and birds.

Tear yourself away from this little garden of Eden to jump back on board and take the short cruise across to La Digue, a timeless island of almost mythic beauty. On La Digue, oxen-drawn carts meander the sandy paths, cycle tracks lead through historic coconut plantations, and giant boulders loom over picture-perfect beaches.

L'Anse Source D'Argent is the most famous of them all, widely considered the most photogenic in the Seychelles, if not the entire world. Spend an afternoon here relaxing on the dazzling white sand, shaded by the dramatic boulders and the long thin palm trees that bend out over the water, their green fronds contrasting vividly with the aquamarine sea.

Day 3: La Digue - Praslin

Another day, another paradise island. Wake up and refresh yourself with a swim off the back of the yacht, taking one last look at the spectacular boulder landscape of Digue, before the captain will move the boat across to green, mountainous Praslin.

Get your walking shoes on to visit the UNESCO listed Vallee de Mai, a primeval rainforest perched on the mountain. Take a leisurely stroll, gazing up in wonder at the incredible Coco de Mer trees, looking for vanilla orchids in the rainforest gloom, and listening to the birds calling in the canopy.

Day 4: Praslin - Curieuse

The next morning, the tiny island of St Pierre emerges as if out of a dream—a tumble of granite boulders and a few lonely palm trees creating a desert island setting straight out of Robinson Crusoe. Have breakfast at anchor here, looking out at one of the prettiest vistas you’ll ever lay eyes on, then dive overboard to snorkel the fantastic coral reef underwater boulders, watching schools of clownfish, jacks and fusiliers flit about in the sunlit waters.

And the beauty just keeps coming, as you all climb back on board and get underway for the magnificent pink sand beach of Big Sister Island, where the crew will set up an idyllic beach barbeque, with white cloth tables resting on sand so fine it feels like baby powder under your toes. A person could get used to this life.

 Day 5: Curieuse - Aride

Spend the morning on Curieuse, a pristine bio reserve once almost destroyed by the hand of man. Today, the island is again covered in lush vegetation, coco de mer palms and mangrove swamps, making it an exceptional ecosystem for the 500 giant tortoises who live here and the many hundreds of birds.

The island’s red rock geology contrasted with the green landscape make this a stunning spot to visit, with incredible walking paths along sheer granite cliffs and past the ruins of the old leper colony. Other sites of interest include colonial villas, hawksbill turtle nesting sites, and above all, gorgeous beaches of red sand, shaded by the takamaka trees that shimmer gently in the sea breeze.

After lunch, take the short 10 mile cruise to the nature reserve on Aride, one of the most important sea bird habitats in the Indian Ocean and home to plants that live nowhere else on earth.

Day 6: Cousin - Praslin

Get away early for Cousin Island to make the most of your last full day on charter in the Seychelles. Cousin Island is home to another nature reserve, and is the most important hawksbill turtle breeding site in the Western Indian Ocean, as well as a habitat for many birds, including Seychelles warblers, puffins, and fairy terns.

The nature reserve also extends offshore, making this a superb snorkelling and diving spot for those who want to explore the granite Roche Canon reef and swim with nurse and reef sharks.

In the afternoon, head back to Praslin, where the yacht will anchor at Anse Lazio, considered the most beautiful beach on the island and famous for its staggering sunsets. Spend an afternoon swimming and enjoying the watertoys, before heading ashore to Bon Bon Plume, the perfect beach bar and restaurant from which to watch the sun set on your Seychelles adventure.

Day 7: Praslin - Mahe

Draw out your morning with an early swim and walk on the beach, before a long leisurely brunch on deck as your yacht gets underway for Eden Island Marina, where you will disembark. Later that afternoon you’ll look out the window wistfully as your plane climbs up in to the skies, far above those tranquil islands edged by powder soft sands and blue green seas.

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