Denison’s Tour of Northern Europe took our team of brokers through the shipyards of 7 leading superyacht builders in Germany and Holland. 

The tour gave Denison’s Superyacht team the opportunity to see the shipyards’ new launches, current builds, future plans, and build slots. A behind the scenes look at each shipyard’s philosophy, culture and innovations will be invaluable toward our mission of providing our clients insight on all things superyacht.



Perhaps no shipyard in our industry best represents quality and pedigree quite like Feadship. Their reputation for building the perfect yacht, has led the word “Feadship” to be used on the docks as a way to describe a boat that is the best in its category. For instance, the best trawler or best small motoryacht, may be described as a “little Feadship.”

Leaders in research and development, the yard is moving the industry forward in terms of innovation and process. When clients want to “build the impossible”, Feadship is always up for the challenge.

Feadship’s roster of successful yachts are known throughout marinas around the world, most recently, Savannah (83.5m), Kiss (46.4m), Moon Sand (44m), Como (46m), Madame Gu (99m),Hampshire II (78.5m), and Venus (78.2m).



Amels is the largest shipyard in The Netherlands, and has perfected the 45-60m superyacht market. Through their series of limited editions, Amels has revolutionized the concept of the semi-custom superyacht.

By starting construction of the yacht, prior to order, the yard allows customers to build a semi-custom yacht in a much faster time frame, and thanks to the efficiencies of the series, can deliver these yachts for a true value.

Some of Amels latest projects include, La Familia (55m), Madame Kate (60m), Yacht Z (65.7m), Serenity J (55m) and Astra (55m).

Our team was fortunate enough to preview one of the most exciting projects we encountered on the tour, a 60-100m Expedition Superyacht series, which will be announced at the upcoming Monaco Show.

Our thanks to Victor Caminada and Peter Dijkwel for showing us around the yard, including several previews of projects currently underway, being built-on spec for future owners.



Blohm+Voss is one of the yachting industry’s most particular builders. Founded in 1877, Blohm+Voss has spent the majority of its energies on commercial and military construction projects. Having only accepted 10 private yacht orders over the last 110 years, the yard is famous for creating some of the world’s most iconic yachts ever built, including, Eclipse, Motoryacht A, Eco, Lady Moura, and most recently, Graceful and Palladium

With a massive facility of 421,000 square meters, the yard’s vast resources and military heritage, allow it to take on large and sophisticated projects conventional yards would have a harder time producing.

Special thanks to Peer Ostendorff and Patrick Coote for their exceptional hospitality. Their pride for the B+V yard and people, along with the great city of Hamburg is contagious.



Our visit to Nobiskrug will be remembered for years to come. Not only were we able to preview the iconic lines of the largest private sailing yacht ever built (from a distance), but were also allowed to take in the sights of the massive shipyard from the bird’s eye view atop Nobiskrug’s 90-meter crane.

Nobiskrug’s 180,000 square meter facility has been busy constructing military ships, oil platforms and private superyachts since 1905.

Employing more than a 1,000 highly-skilled craftsmen, Nobiskrug is responsible for building several award-winning superyachts over the last decade, including, Mogambo (73.5m), Sycara V (68m), Sapphire (73.5m), Tatoosh (92m), Jamaica Bay (60m), Odessa II (73m), and Triple Seven (67m).

Our team enjoyed the insights and time provided by the shipyard’s leadership, Holger Kahl, Falk von Detten, and Fadi Pataq.



The Lurssen family continues its commitment, which began in 1875,  to build the world’s finest vessels and yachts. Through 5 generations of one family, Lurssen has maintained its core values, and ultimately its strong reputation for quality and performance.

Its no surprise the owner of the world’s largest yacht, Azzam (180m), trusted Lurssen with the new-construction contract, which Lurssen delivered in a record-breaking time, less than 3 years.

Our team visited the Rendsberg shipyard, where were able to preview several projects currently under construction. 

Currently Lurssen has 6 superyacht projects under construction, with 6 more projects signed. Their busy order book ranges from 71-meters, to 105-meters, with their next available build slot expected to be no earlier than the year 2021.

Massive thanks to Michael Breman and Rolf Leger for spending a large portion of their day to not only share Lurssen’s projects with us, but to also offer invaluable insights and practical advice to our superyacht team.



Oceanco has the capacity and resources to build the largest and most sophisticated yachts, and is known as a global leader in the 80-meter+ segment of the superyacht industry. The yard recently opened new dry dock facilities, designed to accommodate a new generation of 100m+ yachts, which our team was lucky enough to preview.

The Oceanco shipyard is located just outside of Rotterdam and boasts a 145m x 45m climate-controlled shed for building or refitting yachts of up to 130 meters. Their ship’s elevator and three cranes, with a lifting capacity of 20 tons, guarantees safe and efficient transportation.

The main building also accommodates two independent construction units (steel and aluminum), two machinery units (piping and mechanically), two carpentry units (rough and finishing works), a two spraying facilities and two outfitting units (general and stainless steel).

Some of Oceanco’s most recognized projects include, Indian Princess (95m), Equanimity (91.5m), Infinity (89m), Nirvana (88.5m), Seven Seas (86m), and Alfa Nero (82m).



Heesen, the yachting industry’s leader in aluminum construction, is famous for their 3700 series, and has earned a sterling reputation for being the shipyard of choice for anyone wanting to build a performance superyacht.

Founded by Frans Heesen in 1978 in Holland’s Oss Harbour, the shipyard was quickly recognized by industry leaders as a premier aluminum yacht-builder.

Heesen is responsible for building some of the world’s fastest superyachts, including Octopussy (38m) in 1988, which broke the 50-knot speed barrier. 

Heesen continued building exceptional  yachts through the 1980’s and 1990’s, as they started building in steel and displacement categories as well.

Some of Heesen’s most iconic builds, include, Aurelia (37m), Satori (50m), Quinta Essentia (55m), My Secret (47m), Galactica Star (65m), and Kometa (70m).

Our sincerest thanks to Robert Drontmann for allowing us to stay well-past working hours to examine several projects underway, including several spec builds underway.


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