"Apreamare began its legacy in 1849. The Italian yacht builder’s history traces back to the historic Sorrento boat, which was handcrafted by wood workers. Fast forward well over a century, Apreamare produces fiberglass yachts that encompass old tradition and modern class, blending innovate materials and technologies with naval tradition to provide a reliable and comfortable ride."

Apreamare 24 ft 7.5m 1998 - Current 24' 7" 0' 10" 2' 0"
Apreamare 28 2009 - Current 28' 0" 9' 4" 2' 3"
Apreamare 30ft 9m 1994 - Current 30' 0" 10' 10" 2' 7"
Apreamare 32 ft 10m 2001 - Current 32' 0" 11' 9" 3' 6"
Apreamare 35ft 11m 2000 - Current 35' 0" 13' 0" 2' 6"
Apreamare 38 2006 - Current 38' 0" 11' 4" 2' 6"
Apreamare 45ft 12m 1999 - Current 45' 0" 14' 11" 4' 0"
Apreamare 48 2007 - Current 48' 0" 15' 6" 4' 0"
Apreamare Maestro 51 2007 - Current 51' 0" 15' 9" 4' 2"
Apreamare 54 2003 - Current 54' 0" 16' 0" 4' 2"
Apreamare 58ft 16m 2003 - Current 58' 9" 18' 4" 4' 7"
Apreamare 60 2007 - Current 60' 0" 19' 0" 5' 0"
Apreamare 64 Fly 2011 - Current 64' 0" 18' 4" 4' 9"
Apreamare Maestro 65 2008 - Current 65' 0" 18' 10" 5' 0"
Apreamare Maestro 66 2014 - Current 66' 0" 19' 0" 5' 0"


Apreamare and Maestro boats bring into the world the charm of the Mediterranean style and authentic Made in Italy. Lines without time. A perfect design, able to conjugate the old tradition and the international modern class.

A dream, for those who wish to leave the sea with the relaxed elegance and the instinctive happiness of the Mediterranean summers. Boats for experts, for ship-owners who want held out the helm of life.

He who has history has fascinating stories telling about hand made boats, when projects were entirely made by master boat builders.

Apreamare history dates back to far off 1849, when Giovanni Aprea started to handbuild rowing and sailing boats used for fishing in Sorrento, basing his craft on the shape and form of the traditional “gozzo sorrentino”. The family tradition continued over down to Giovanni's son Cataldo, first of all, and then to some of his sons and in particular the eldest son Giovanni. It was during this period, in the years following the Second World War, that the first major change was introduced with car engines being fitted to the boats. The boatyard started to produce the first ''gozzi'' used as pleasure boats, a sector which immediately become the most important, surpassing professional fishing boats.

Cataldo Aprea's joining the family boatyard in 1973 marked a major turning point in the running of the company and the production methods used. This is the reason why Cataldo Aprea, bursting with new, groundbreaking ideas, decided to go on alone and opened the Apreamare boatyard in 1983.

Putting to use in a different, new way the experience gained working alongside his father, Cataldo Aprea designed and built on a small-scale his first model called Smeraldo 7, a seven meter motorized ''gozzo'' which was a great success at the 1987 Naples Boat Show.

1988 marks an important turning point: with the Salvatore Pollio, a constructor who picked up the sector’s potentiality and creativity, he founded the Apreamare Srl.

In 1989 he designed and built the Smeraldo 9, the first boat with planning hull that, in addition to ensuring security, stability and seaworthiness, offers the possibility to reach high speeds. It is immediately a great success.

In 2000 Apreamare becomes a joint-stock company and has an increasing success even outside the Italian borders. In 2001Apreamare joined the Ferretti Group. The fruitful collaboration with one of the leading companies in the marine industry allows the company to grow and succeed in new and important markets. 

After nine years of successful cooperation with the Ferretti Group, on March 24th 2010 Aprea and Pollio families takes back the direct control of the Apreamare bringing it into the family.

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