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SeeVee Boats is a custom boat manufacturer that designs and builds center consoles, offshore fishing boats, and sportfishing yachts. In 2003, SeeVee revamped its entire line of fishing boats to accommodate heavier, high output 4-stroke outboards. Built for hardcore anglers with features like rod holders, bait wells, and fish boxes, SeeVee offshore fishing boats are designed from the ground up to allow for owner customization.

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About Sea Vee Yachts

SeaVee Boats is a custom boat manufacturer in Miami that specializes in building high performance, center console, cuddy cabin, and express style sport fishing boats. These unique offshore fishing boats are created exclusively for discriminating, hardcore anglers that demand the ultimate in quality and performance. SeaVee redesigned and retooled their entire line of tournament fishing boats starting in 2003 to accommodate the new, heavier, high output 4-stroke outboards that are so popular today. In early 2005, SeaVee moved into a larger factory and as a result, is able to offer the newest, most modern line of fiberglass hull designs from 29 to 43 feet available on the marine market today. Every SeaVee is designed from the ground up to allow for extensive customization to meet each new owners’ unique needs. For fishing tournament teams that demand speed and lots of cockpit space, SeaVee offers an open fishing boat configured with twin outboard engines. Sizes range from 29 to 43 feet. Options are boundless and include everything from multiple bait wells and triple outboards to a hardtop and tuna tower. Families and recreational fishermen that require additional shelter on their center console or express fishing boat can add a cuddy cabin with all the comforts of home. This option is available in the larger models, such as the 320 and 340 Series. These models also offer aninboard diesel option combined with a propeller pocket to minimize draft and maximize performance. SeaVee is the only fishing boat manufacturer that offers an inboard engine housed under the center console, giving you the option of pairing diesel power with traditional running gear. For intrepid seamen who are seeking a level of luxury and innovation that challenges the status quo, check out the all new SeaVee 430 Express. Like all SeaVees, the 430 Express boat is extensively customizable, and built around fishing. Our express fishing boat is available with triple or quad outboards, as well as twin inboard diesels or Volvo’s diesel powered IPS® pod system. The SeaVee 430 Express boat will become whatever you want her to be… High-speed, hardcore live-aboard sport fishing boat customized to target offshore pelagic trophies, or a family cabin cruiser with extra rod holders and all the comforts of home. The choice is yours. This laser focus on the customer’s needs combined with obsessive attention to detail has lead SeaVee to set the industry standard for initial quality for custom fishing boats. Rod Holders are plumbed to drain saltwater overboard. Hatches are flush with the deck, finished on both sides and lock tight to keep water out and gear dry. The leaning post features a cooler mounted on a sliding track to securely fasten it to the deck, while keeping it easily accessible. And there’s much, much more… The fit and finish is truly remarkable and something you have to see for yourself to fully appreciate. So if you’re looking to land a once in a lifetime trophy, such as a Mako, Swordfish, Giant Tuna or Marlin, consider SeaVee Boats a top Contender, able to deliver a product that inspires the necessary confidence to pursue big game offshore and make frequent appearance in the winners circle at any fishing tournament.

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    Miami, Florida
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    Center Console, Sportfish
  • Worthy
    In the 1990s, Ariel Pared, Moses Rodriguez and Ralph Torres bought SeeVee boats from founder Don Mcgee, launching a new era in the company’s history.

Sea Vee Yachts By Model

Sea Vee 260 2002 - Current 26' 0" 8' 0" 1' 6"
Sea Vee 270z Bay 2012 - Current 27' 0" 9' 1" 1' 3"
Sea Vee 280 1996 - Current 28' 0" 8' 3" 1' 8"
Sea Vee 290 2001 - Current 29' 0" 9' 0" 1' 8"
Sea Vee 310 2014 - Current 31' 0" 9' 4" 1' 8"
Sea Vee 320 2007 - Current 32' 5" 9' 4" 1' 8"
Sea Vee 320-Z 2012 - Current 32' 5'' 9' 4'' 1' 8"
Sea Vee 340 2001 - Current 34' 9" 10' 0" 1' 8"
Sea Vee 340-Z 2012 - Current 34' 9" 10' 0" 1' 8"
Sea Vee 370-Z 2012 - Current 37' 0" 10' 6" 1' 10"
Sea Vee 390 2007 - Current 39' 0" 11' 0" 2' 2"
Sea Vee 390-Z 2012 - Current 39' 0" 11' 0" 2' 2"
Sea Vee 430 2012 - Current 43' 0" 13' 4" 2' 3"

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