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Westport Yachts is an American yacht builder with more than 50 years of experience. Westport started out building vessels for the North Pacific fishing industry and commercial passenger boats before transitioning to the construction of luxury yachts. Focused on design, efficiency, and quality, Westport Yachts is a leader of all-composite construction and has pioneered new techniques popular throughout the yachting industry.

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130' WESTPORT 2011

Miami, Florida

130' WESTPORT 2009

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

112' WESTPORT 2001

St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

112' WESTPORT 2007

Deerfield Beach, Florida

112' WESTPORT 2006

Naples, Florida

About Westport Yachts

Westport Yachts was founded in 1964 as a builder of vessels for the North Pacific fishing industry, and later produced commercial passenger boats. Westport Shipyard built over two hundred commercial boats, instilling in the company a deep respect for the sea and a passion for achieving the level of quality and safety that ocean travel demands. That passion endured as Westport made the transition to building luxury yachts, and today anchors their mission to build American megayachts of exceptional integrity, performance and comfort. Between 1984 and 1997, Westport Yachts built scores of hulls for some of the yachting industry's most respected shipyards, whose own quality standards could accept nothing less. Most importantly, that quality is equally well-known to a growing circle of experienced megayacht owners who have made Westport Yachts their choice. While many yacht builders have come and gone over the past 45 years, Westport has endured, emerging as a world-leader among megayacht brands. As a yacht-builder with a long standing position in the yachting industry, Westport also takes a long-term view of the future, and has invested heavily in facilities, processes, and proven technologies to secure their position at the forefront of the yachting industry. Westport Yachts is considered a leader of all-composite construction, and has worked closely with the composites industry, even pioneering new techniques and materials that currently are used throughout the yachting industry.

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    Westport, Washington
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    In 2006, the shipyard introduced the largest yacht in its range, the 50-meter Westport 164 known as VONGO.

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