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Yacht Broker – Job Opportunities at Denison Yacht Sales

Denison Yacht Sales is currently accepting applications from yachting professionals with over 2 years sales experience in the following areas. If you’d like to find out if you would be a good fit with our team, contact Bob Denison for more details. Nice people only.

Listing Secretary – Florida Office

Denison is looking for a Listing Secretary to assist our team of Florida yacht brokers with uploading, organizing, and updating yacht listings across a variety of MLS services and yachting web sites.

Closing Agent – Florida Office

Denison Yacht Sales Florida is looking to hire a closing agent for assisting in closings. Experience is a must. Applicant must posses the ability to handle multiple tasks at once smoothly and efficiently.

Yacht Broker – Florida, California, New York, Michigan, Seattle Offices

Denison is looking for professional, experienced yacht brokers for sales positions at all 12 of our offices. We are aggressively growing each of our offices and are very serious about attracting the right brokers. Yacht brokers at Denison enjoy many benefits, including several outlined here.

“…will not hesitate to recommend him to friends and colleagues.”

When beginning our search for a new motor yacht, our captain recommended Dan Sammis as a yacht sales agent that we could trust and count on for great service. Our captain was right. Dan not only helped us to identify yachts that would meet our needs but he also inspected the yachts that we were most interested in providing photos and reports that helped us to evaluate these offerings from across the country.Dan was then instrumental in negotiating a great purchase price and he looked out for our interests during survey inspections, post purchase re… [read more]

- Hans G Koch // Seattle, WA // 82' Horizon Owner

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