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We have some of the best clients on the planet. Here are some of the great things they've said about us.


“He is the genuine article, a sage of the seas…”

My relationship with Jean-Marie Cabri began five years ago, when I decided to buy my first sailing yacht.

For me, as I would assume for most, this decision carried with it high passion – yet careful respect. Passion for the art of sailing and its life promise – yet careful respect for the scope of commitment.

Jean-Marie’s very special character, expertise, and experience transformed my yacht-buying endeavor into a grander and more enduring experience. He is the genuine article, a sage of the seas, and quickly became a mentor and friend.

At the time I considered the experience lucky. As I write this, I reconsider the experience as critical. You begin the relationship with your vessel, as you do with its steward.

Javier Hall // S/V EVA Owner on Jean-Marie Cabri