Matthew Stropes has lived in Texas, Mexico, and currently splits his time between California, Florida, and Europe. With nationwide and international knowledge in the yacht industry,  he has accrued a vast amount of experience and contacts, allowing him to find special prices on sought after boats and yachts— sometimes before they are publicly listed for sale. Matthew specializes in international yacht brokerage and sales of European yacht brands such as Azimut, Benetti, Mangusta, Ferretti, Leopard, and Sunseeker.  He provides the best European yacht brands available on today’s market, worldwide, with a focus on importing to USA, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

Matthew’s appreciation for boating and nature began in early childhood, spending time around lakes, rivers, and oceans. As an avid offshore fisherman, he has competed in tournaments in Florida,California, and Mexico, as both a captain and an angler.

Matthew has been working in the yacht and boating industry for 15 years, and has been a captain for more than 10 years. He is a passionate waterman, scuba diver, spearfisherman, and surfer. Fun fact: he is bilingual in both English and Spanish.

Matthew knows that strong values are the foundation of any healthy business. His diverse knowledge offers practical solutions, and carries an outstanding work ethic. This set of principles are the roots of successful partnership in the yachting industry, which ensures the very best experience to his customers and friends.

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Matthew Stropes Yacht Listings

Kefi 105' Sunseeker 2004

Palm Beach, FL

Stella Maris 105' Broward 1993

La Paz, Mexico

Marazul 98' Poole 1986

Acapulco, Mexico

Seaseid 82' Mystica 2008

Huntington Beach, CA

Seven Thunders 80' Bertram 2013

Palm Beach, FL

Ocho Uno 81 78' Fairline 2014

La Paz, Mexico

Lucky 75' Sunseeker 2004

Acapulco, Mexico

La Belva 74' Sunseeker 2003

La Paz, Mexico

Gwint 62' Beneteau 2019

Cancun, Mexico

Passion 53' Ferretti Yachts 2003

Acapulco, Mexico

50' Sunseeker 2003

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Curiosity 49' Beneteau 2009

La Paz, Mexico

Aurora 49' Beneteau 2016

Cancun, Mexico

Satisfaction 48' Cabo 2003

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Ruahatu 47' Concordia 2002

Acapulco, Mexico

Viajero 45' Lagoon 2016

Acapulco, Mexico

Paulina 45' Beneteau 2013

Acapulco, Mexico

43' Hatteras 1997

Acapulco, Mexico

43' Azimut 2010

Acapulco, Mexico

Time To Go 42' Lagoon 2014

Cancun, Mexico

Amadeus 42' Beneteau 2008

Acapulco, Mexico

Viking 36' Tiara Yachts 2010

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

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