Our Clients Aren't Trophies, They're
Friends We've Met On Our Journey

We have some of the best clients on the planet. Here are some of the great things they've said about us.


“Cynthia is responsive, answering emails, texts, phone calls pronto.”

My husband and I recently purchased a Lagoon 421 catamaran, with Cynthia Wummer as our yacht broker.  I really could make this a very long list of accolades.  Instead, I’ll give you a “Top Ten.”  

  1. She intuits what really matters to the client. We felt 100% comfortable that Cynthia could evaluate all potentials, knowing that she ‘gets us.’ Which is the main ingredient in client trust.  
  2. She hones the decision process. Early on, she sensed we were struggling with size. She economized our travel time with a day of boat visits to “try on” a range of 39 to 48 footers, so we could isolate boat size as a defining criteria going forward.
  3. She has buckets of initiative. She was ever quick to scout the back story on a boat, travel to make an inspection, send video, arrange virtual tours, and kept us current at all times.
  4. She has even more buckets of knowledge. We relied on her first-hand experience to guide our live-aboard decisions (power and electrical, engine, boat handling, watermaker, gear, etc.)  Plus, she shares her seemingly endless contacts of marine experts and contractors.  
  5. She’s responsive, answering emails, texts, phone calls pronto. 
  6. She advances the ball. She took an inquiry to verbal agreement to paper with just the right pressure on the pedal. 
  7. She is a contingency planner. Behind the scenes, Cynthia stayed in contact for months with a Lagoon catamaran owner that initially refused to budge; but ultimately became ready to deal. 
  8. She keeps all parties at the table. She instinctively kept the “we’re not budging” seller comfortable and communicating.
  9. Cynthia can reverse-engineer to keep a deal alive. Our sellers had a sticking point about the VAT and sale price, and Cynthia kept negotiating until all parties were satisfied.
  10. She is compassionate and giving, such as hosting us in her home, letting us store shipments in her garage, and checking on us during the Coronavirus crazy. Not as a salesperson, but as someone who cares about clients as people. Cynthia is an awesome human who has your back.

When we’re ready for our next boat (like all sailors, eventually), we know she’ll have our back again.

Our closing and all paperwork was smooth, and we appreciate the team you’ve crafted at Denison.  Well done, all.

Brian McDonough & Beth Anna McGuire on Cynthia Wummer