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“I just want you to know what an OUTSTANDING yacht broker you have working for you.”

I purchased a 2017 Sunseeker with my yacht broker, Patrick Hopkins. Patrick was representing a Princess yacht that was on the market in Fall River, MA. He quickly assessed that we were not interested in that yacht for a number of reasons, and he found what characteristics we were looking for in a yacht. Patrick stayed in touch through email in a non-pushy way to get a sense for our interest level of several different yachts that were available. We narrowed the search down to a few specific models and set ourselves up to meet again at the Miami Boat Show. When we arrived at The Show Patrick first made it clear that he was going to show us a boat that he knew we were not interested in, but I think in his head, by showing us this boat it validated for himself that we were only interested in a yacht that was VERY clean with little to no blemishes. After a short period of time we had zeroed in on the Sunseeker Predator. Patrick helped in assessing the sellers interest level in selling the boat and then suggested an “offer” to make. The Purchase Price was negotiated and a survey and sea trial were set up. I flew in to Ft Lauderdale, surveyed the boat and then sea trialed it. It could not have performed better. After completing the purchase of the boat, THAT is where Patrick kicked in. Effectively as a salesman, his job was complete. He put seller and buyer together, made the deal happen and could have just walked away. BUT NOT Patrick. I must have spoken with him at least 4-5 times a week (and probably MUCH more than that) to iron out several details which were quite frankly above and beyond. Patrick helped me with finding a place to store the boat while it was in Florida and before I drive it back to RI; he found a company to put the name on the back of the boat; found me a captain to drive the boat back to RI, worked with a colleague of his to help me with a place to store the boat in RI; used his knowledge of people in the industry to have work done on the boat, went back to the boat at least a dozen times to inspect the boat for me with specific questions I had, etc. etc. etc. To this day, I have remained in good communication with Patrick relative to outstanding questions that I have had on the boat, suggestions for people to work on the boat as well as many, many other items. The bottom line is that I just want you to know what an OUTSTANDING yacht broker you have working for you. I truly appreciate everything he has done for me. I cannot imagine a better yacht buying experience.

Jonathan Janikies on Patrick Hopkins