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5 Reasons To Buy A Westport 112 [Buyer’s Guide]

Marina Nazario | November 26, 2020

Learn why the 112′ Westport motor yacht should be your next boat purchase.

Whether you’re an avid yacht enthusiast, a marina worker, or a yacht owner of any size, one could contest that while walking the docks, there is a standout American builder. It designs and builds a yacht with traditional lines that carve a perfectly crafted niche in the superyacht market: the Westport 112. While the smallest of the Westport line, it is one of the best-sold yachts in her market. There are over 60 of these 112-foot fiberglass and composite yachts. Here are 5 reasons to buy a Westport 112.

1. Pedigree/Traditional Lines


When I talk about pedigree yards, it’s easy to assume that I would be speaking about the most famous yards of The Netherlands or Germany. Westport should not be overlooked in this pedigree classification.

From hull construction through to fit and finish, Westport is using the highest quality materials. Every hull is a combination of composite and fiberglass. The Westport 112 has a massive 23’ 9” beam while having a draft of only 6 feet. This 6’ draft will take you through the skinniest Bahamian waters. She can also get you there at a cruising speed of over 20 knots with a max speed of 26 knots.

All of these advantages come from a seasoned engineering and design department, including a supply line with access to the finest materials for a yacht. Westport can also boast about is the build of the 112 — it’s probably the most challenging, yet they always complete these projects on time. The Westport 112 comes from a yard with history and challenges that made them one of the last remaining, and premier, builders of North America.

2. Layout

While the layout of the Westport 112 has not significantly changed, this attests to time in service. With over 60 plus Westport 112s built, this platform has proven itself among yacht owners and captains alike. She’s a true 4 stateroom motor yacht with a luxurious country kitchen.

I remember walking aboard a 112’ Westport named JOPAJU during a charter boat show. After being received at the aft main deck bar, I was handed a glass of champagne and led through the main salon into the galley. The chef was using almost all of the counter space and boasting about how great it was to cook in this country kitchen. The term “galley” does not suffice as a descriptor. The forward dinette in the country kitchen provides guests with a chance to chat with a personal chef and create their dream menu for an upcoming charter.

The flybridge on the Westport 112 has seating as well as a bar under the cover of the hardtop, a perfect place to spend your time underway. If you move aft of the hardtop and the vessel’s toys, you will find a great place to sunbathe. For those who prefer a more upright and private setting, the circular seating on the bow is where you’ll find peace.

After a long day of watersports, swimming, eating, and drinking, you can retire to the standout feature on this yacht: the master suite. It’s a full-beam stateroom with one of the most spacious ensuite heads in class. This room is a plush, private, and quiet spot to relax after a day in the sun.

3. Personalization


The ability to transform identical dimensions into a piece of the owner’s vision is done drastically across platforms. For example, BOXER is currently listed at $7.25 million. She carries the aesthetic feeling of walking into a Hamptons home. It’s as if you’re living in a luxe, modern, floating beach house.

Alternatively, LADY JJ boasts a salon that welcomes guests with elegant taste. She has comfortable furniture and smells of an autumn day with rich woods flanking the salon and a table setting that’s too gorgeous not to appreciate. This is a true home-away-from-home yacht. She embraces all of those creature comforts that make LADY JJ a floating oasis that’s livable and relaxing. 

With each 112, Westport lets the owner personalize the yacht. I believe this comes from the endless search for a space in which you are comfortable. You deserve a space where you can disconnect from your phone, work, or iPad and reconnect with your thoughts, dreams, family, or current paradise.

4. Consistency


The Westport 112 has gone through very little (serious) change in her tenure. After building over 40 very impressive 112s, Westport decided it was time for a change. Just a small change. Hull #42 introduced additional side gate entrances, a passerelle for ease of boarding in the Mediterranean, an additional bunk in the crew quarter (expanding total crew to 5), and larger seating on the main deck aft to accommodate more guests for outdoor dining.

Past hull #60, you’ll notice larger hull side windows and a few aesthetic changes, while keeping in the tradition of the Westport 112 lines and layout. When you experience success with the same product for so long, why make a drastic change? The 112 has always been the standard-bearer and it’s the entry-level boat if you are entering the Westport class.

5. History

Westport is an American company founded in 1964. They were faced with the high risk/high reward commercial fisheries of the Pacific Northwest. Westport’s heritage comes from the necessity to build a boat that could perform in very rough seas while being fast and efficient. The Pacific Northwest created real challenges that defined their lineage from tried and true commercial vessels to fiberglass and composite motor yachts.

Every bit of knowledge in Westport’s commercial builds was further executed in a motor yacht while keeping a traditional design. You’ll notice this in the seakeeping ability of the Westport 112 — speed and lasting construction with their own composition of fiberglass and composites. The 112 became the standard-bearer for a brand that now builds all the way up to 172 foot (52 meter) superyachts.

Westport has been building the 112 motor yacht for almost 20 years. During this time, the designers and builders made minor design changes to the interior and bridge deck while maintaining the tried and true consistency of the brand. Westport Yachts is a leader of all-composite construction and a pioneer in new techniques that are popular throughout the yachting industry. Contact a Denison yacht broker to find a Westport 112 available for sale.