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7 Reasons To Buy A New Boat [Buyer’s Guide]

Marina Nazario | December 22, 2020

The Benefits of buying a new boat versus a used boat.

New things make us feel good. At least, that’s what psychology tells us. Lifehacker explains that we are attracted to shiny, new things — whether it’s a new gadget, new haircut, or new yacht. There’s a novelty to owning new items that we, as humans, can’t resist. And that novelty motivates us.

Use that motivation to buy a new boat. There’re more benefits to owning new versus used, including warranty, support, and value. Here are 7 reasons to buy a new boat, although we don’t think you’ll need much convincing.

1. New Technology, Design, and Mechanics

Just as there’s a new car smell, there’s a new boat smell. Purchasing a new boat means you’ll get new beds, toilets, cushions, electronics, sails, engines, and generators. You have the chance to own the latest in design, style, and technology. (And that’s something you’re 100% allowed to brag about.) Plus, new mechanical equipment is more reliable, therefore you can spend more time boating and less time fixing.

2. Professional Orientation And Support

Owning a new boat is a huge step up, and it’s okay to be nervous about it. When you purchase a new boat with Denison, you’ll receive comprehensive technical and operational training to get comfortable with your new yacht. We’ll explain how to keep your boat running smoothly from stern to stem. We also include on-the-water instruction with an expert captain to build your confidence and accelerate enjoyment on the water. After your new boat is delivered, Denison’s factory-trained technical team is available to provide assistance when you need it. That’s something you won’t get with a used boat.

3. Warranty Protection

While it may seem that you’re reducing upfront cost by buying a used boat, keep in mind that with older boats, maintenance and repair costs can steadily increase. And there wouldn’t be a warranty to back you up. Denison Yachting’s new boat brands come with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty to ensure peace of mind and reduced maintenance expenses. This includes Beneteau, Bertram, Dufour Yachts, Excess Catamarans, Horizon, Van der Valk.

4. Work With A Blank Canvas

A new boat is a blank canvas, and as the first owner, you can add your personal touches to the yacht. New boats come well equipped with an extensive list of factory options, but customizing a new yacht to suit your preference is part of the fun. For instance, after cruising around in a new sailboat for a few months, one of our clients contacted Denison’s Service division to find a way to make sailing a more comfortable experience for him and his family. So we installed the first DC powered AC unit on his new Oceanis 30.1, just for him. Choose among custom interior wood choices, decor, entertainment, dishware, and storage options to make the new boat your own. You have the freedom to optimize your new boat to fit your needs and preferences.

5. Easy To Purchase

Denisonsold an Excess 12 to first-time boat owners in San Diego, California. We helped them navigate the process of buying a new boat and set them up with a five day ASA catamaran course with West Coast Multihulls. While Denison makes buying a boat accessible for everyone, the overall process of buying a new yacht is easier than buying a used yacht. There are no surveys, haulouts, or engine inspections to complicate the process. Buying a new boat brand with warranty protection and local service means you can confidently pay and sail away. That includes Beneteau, Bertram, Dufour Yachts, Excess Catamarans, Horizon, Van der Valk.

6. Trade In And Trade Up

New boats, such as a Swift Trawler 41 or Dufour 530, have improved features that make boating more enjoyable. These improvements are made after listening to what boat owners have to say about previous models. If you’re not happy with your current boat’s design or features, Denison has a no-hassle trade-in program to help you purchase a brand new boat. We’ll help you receive the highest value for your current yacht towards the price of the new boat. It’s not as complicated as you may think — we’ll handle the nitty-gritty details so you can plan your next cruise around the Florida Keys.

7. Welcome to the Family

When you purchase a new boat through Denison, you become part of our family. As one of the largest new boat dealerships in the United States, we buy in volume and pass the savings on to you. We’re excited to help your family enjoy treasured memories on the water. Welcome to the family.

Denison is the exclusive new boat dealer for Beneteau, Bertram, Dufour Yachts, Excess Catamarans, Horizon, Van der Valk in California and Florida. We sell new models of powerboats, sailboats, catamarans, sportfish yachts, and motor yachts. Contact Denison Yachting to start the easy process of buying a new or used boat.

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