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9 Newsletters To Stay Up To Date On The Yachting Industry

January 20, 2021

Stay informed on boating news and events.

Never underestimate the value of a great email newsletter. As readers, it’s an excellent tool to organize and receive news on topics you enjoy following. As a business, it’s a great way to connect with customers. The content in newsletters is usually concise, easy to read, and niche. We already know the best Instagram accounts and the best YouTube channels to follow if you enjoy yachting, so we gathered 9 newsletters to help you stay up to date on the marine industry. These publications, associations, and businesses offer valuable information to yachting and boating enthusiasts.

1. Boat International

Boat International offers not one, not two, but four separate newsletters to readers. You can choose to subscribe to Boat International news, brokerage headlines, luxury travel and lifestyle content, or event updates. It’s a great range of topics to help you engage with the yachting industry.

2. BoatTEST

As the name implies, BoatTEST conducts reviews on new boats to share with a larger audience. When you create a member account, you’ll gain access to a library of boat tests and the free newsletter, which organizes each video and article so you don’t miss a beat. BoatTEST is a great resource to learn about complex products and new boats on the market, including Beneteau and Bertram. Of course, members and long time followers can appreciate that signature “see you on the water” sign off from Captain Steve.

3. Beneteau

There’s a lot of good news surrounding Beneteau, so it makes sense to receive it all in one place. The new boat brand offers a newsletter that shares industry interviews, boat tests, and event updates. Stay informed about the latest news surrounding Gran Turismo, Swift Trawler, Oceanis, and Monte Carlo yachts, plus how to get the most out of your next sailing or powerboat purchase.

4. Soundings Trade Only Today

If you’re interested in staying up to date on marine industry businesses and daily news, then Soundings Trade Only Today is an excellent resource. The online publication offers two newsletters, one focusing on industry news, the other on marine jobs. The Marine Jobs newsletter compiles classified listings of marine companies searching for new employees or eager to sell their businesses or equipment. That’s handy for anyone curious about entering or making a career change in the industry.

5. Southern Boating

Southern Boating offers a free monthly, subscription-based email newsletter called Southern Exposure. It’s delivered directly to your inbox between each issue release. This yachting newsletter features interviews with people in the marine industry, DIY projects, onboard recipes, new boat launches, marina spotlights, product releases, and more. It’s a great variety of exclusive editorial content.

6. YACHTS International

YACHTS International offers two newsletters, depending on what you want to learn about. The Making Waves Today newsletter is the publication’s signature, a biweekly newsletter filled with yachting news, exclusive features, and popular stories. The other newsletter simply provides the latest updates from YACHTS International on the release of new magazine issues and information about upcoming events.

7. National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA)

NMMA Currents is a daily newsletter covering breaking news in the boating industry. The newsletter offers insights on boat shows, public policy, the economy, boat certification, and more. It’s a particularly great resource to stay informed on recreational boating because the association collects, analyzes, and distributes industry, economic, and market data to members.

8. Power & Motoryacht

Power & Motoryacht offers one daily newsletter or one weekly newsletter, depending on how often you want to receive industry news. The marine publication delivers a variety of content on boats, geat, maintenance, sportfishing, and destinations. It’s an excellent resource to receive valuable information on the yachting industry so you can fully enjoy life on the water.

9. Denison Yachting

Well hello there. Did you know Denison sends a monthly newsletter that covers all the best topics in the yachting industry? We share the top articles and videos of the month. The Denison Current is a fun and engaging newsletter to learn about what’s going on at Denison and within the industry. Sign up here.

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