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Worldwide Yacht Search Available According To Bitcoin Value

Marina Nazario | February 15, 2021

Search For A Yacht According To Bitcoin Price.

All anyone talks about these days is Bitcoin. Or so, it seems. Bitcoin is hot right now, and we recognize the need for clients to purchase yachts using cryptocurrencies. Denison’s response? We made our worldwide yacht database searchable using Bitcoin value. Yup, we’re staying ahead of the curve. Along with Tesla’s recent adoption last week.

Bitcoin is a form of digital, unregulated currency traded anonymously, without banks or middlemen. Payments are made through a digital wallet on a computer or smartphone. Cryptocurrency can be purchased from Bitcoin exchanges or obtained from other Bitcoin users. You can spend bitcoin like any other money via a mouse click or a cellphone app. Bitcoins flow from your digital wallet into the account of a retailer, just as dollars might flow digitally from your bank account into a store without you ever holding the printed $100 bill in your hand.

Denison has been accepting Bitcoin since 2014 and was the first company in the yachting industry to do so. Since then, we sold five yachts using cryptocurrency. And in June 2018, Denison’s first charter was booked using Bitcoin as payment. The ability to safely accept various currencies, including a digital currency like Bitcoin, and distribute these funds in U.S. dollars is a valuable service to Denison’s clients.

Bitcoin passed $20,000 for the first time in December, and it has more than doubled in value in three months. So while Tesla and BNY Mellon and Mastercard are only recently jumping on the cryptocurrency bandwagon, we’re going a step further by making our yacht database searchable and payable using Bitcoin. The Bitcoin price changes every hour according to its real-time value. Contact a Denison yacht broker to buy your next yacht using cryptocurrency.

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