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“Our experience with Chad has been exceptional. He is clearly an expert in the field”

We recently worked with Chad Robertson in buying our 2014 Princess 56 Fly, and we wanted to share our feedback on the experience with you.  We have been boating for many years, and we have owned five boats before the Princess. So we think it is fair to say that we have some comparative experience with how these transactions can go. Our experience with Chad has been exceptional. He is clearly an expert in the field, and his specific knowledge about this manufacturer, this model, and this individual boat have been impressive. Chad provided extensive guidance and support to us as we worked our way toward making what to us was a major decision and purchase.  He helped us with every step along the way, from determining the best logistics for seeing and evaluating a boat that was 1000 miles away from us during a pandemic, to identifying and working with engine and hull surveyors for us to consider and interview, to moving forward with an offer, to handling the surveys and sea trial, and finally arriving at a deal and completing the transaction. Also, Chad has an extensive network of colleagues in the industry and in the area, and he has been generous in sharing them with us, which has been a great help in handling the multiple arrangements for the boat. Chad’s diligence, attention to detail, and warm and straight-shooting personality made the transaction flow flawlessly, to the point where the process was actually enjoyable. As we’re sure you are well aware, Chad is someone who by his nature will go out of his way to help someone, and that trait has shown through very clearly here. No matter how difficult or trivial our question, and no matter what day or time, Chad has always made himself available to help us.  Even now that the transaction is closed, we are still in close contact with Chad, as he continues to help us with the myriad logistical issues and decisions we have to make as we complete some work on the boat and prepare to have the boat brought up to her new home on the Chesapeake. We feel very fortunate to have been able to work with Chad. We hope this feedback is helpful to you and your firm, and of course we’d be delighted to speak with you, your colleagues, or your clients at any time about our experience.

Christopher M. on Chad Robertson