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Yachting Industry News | June 2021

Denison Yachting | July 20, 2021

This article is a transcription of Denison’s June 2021 monthly recap video. Tune in monthly to discover the most recent yachting industry and superyacht news from Denison. Watch the full video below:

Hi this is Bob Denison. I’m excited to share with you some of the things that the team at Denison Yachting accomplished in June of 2021 and I am going to jump right into the sales part. 

So in June 2021, we sold this many boats (87). Good job, everybody. Huge number and it looks like just a number on a video, but it’s more than that. It’s a lot of work by our brokers, our closing team and each one of those families that bought a boat or a yacht this month. It was a huge decision and we were really, really excited to be a part of that journey. A few specifically: a 51 brand new Beneteau Oceanis that Matthew Morrison sold – awesome guy. We’re really, really excited about that one. 

51' Beneteau Oceanis
51′ Beneteau Oceanis

On the bigger front, Kurt Bosshart sold a boat: 185 foot Oceanfast, and that was the biggest sale of the month. There was a few other exciting ones that week actually, we had three boats over 150 ft. The other was Bruce Schattenburg closed on a 157 Trinity and Alex G. Clark closed on a 150 Richmond called Excellence. We’re really happy and proud of all of them and excited about the adventures that those boats will take those families on. 

185' Oceanfast profile
185′ Oceanfast

On the listings front, we picked up a few great listings this month. One of my favorites is Abbracci, she’s a 180 ft Heesen listed centrally with Thom Conboy and Chris Collins. We also just listed a 96 San Lorenzo 2021 – also with Alex G. Clark, as well as 92 Viking convertible listed by Spencer Markatos in Palm Beach. Great boat, awesome broker, and we’re really, really excited about that. 

180' Heesen ABBRACCI profile
180′ Heesen (Abbracci)

Two listings this month have told us that they are open to taking Cryptocurrency directly. That’s Mizu, the 174 ft Oceanfast listed with Will Noftsinger, as well as a brand new 117 ft Crescent called Crescent Lady up in Seattle with Ari Sherr. If you have some Dogecoin laying around or Bitcoin or Ethereum, let us know because those owners are very much willing to have that conversation. 

174' Oceanfast MIZU profile
174′ Oceanfast (Mizu)

Two of the things that happened this month that I was really excited about: One of them was the cover of PMY was actually a photograph shot by our very own Drew Offerdahl of a 39 Bertram. And if you don’t know Drew, you should. He is just one of those really talented guys that not only played college football but also has been featured on the cover of magazine, also is a great musician, also is a great yacht broker, also is a great all-around guy and also owns a really cute dog, most days. 

The other thing is FRANK magazine. We launched this, very excited about it. It is our very first-ever corporate magazine, and we try to do it a little bit differently. It’s an offbeat print magazine that uncovers human interest stories that give yachting its passion and breathe new life into clever ideas. Contributors highlight the humble, celebrate entrepreneurial spirit, and showcase daring adventures.

I hope you guys like it. If you want a copy, let us know, also can be found online. 

Read FRANK online or request a copy here.

FRANK magazine

Thank you guys, we’re excited about July 2021. These are big days for us this summer is a big opportunity for us as a company to do great things and we’re excited about what the future holds. We would really love to see you guys this summer, we’re going to be having a rendezvous in Catalina – West Coast of the U.S. last weekend of July and then the first weekend of August, you’ll find us in Ocean Reef with some of our favorite clients. So if you’d like to join us, let us know, we’d love to see you there. 

Thank you guys so much for watching. It’s exciting to have you on this journey with us – You make selling boats fun.