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5 Reasons to Book a Luxury Yacht Charter With Denison

Marina Nazario | December 22, 2021

Contact a charter specialist to book a yacht charter anywhere in the world.

“Hey, I have an awesome idea – let’s book a yacht charter to ring in the New Year.”

“That’s a great idea. I’ll look for yachts to rent online.”

*scrolls internet for best yacht charters in the Caribbean.

“I found a company that can help us book a luxury yacht charter. The boats range in size – up to 160 feet – so we can invite more of the family. It seems like they have charter specialists who take care of everything including choosing a yacht, crafting an itinerary, and special requests. It’s called Denison Yachting. They have yachts available for Christmas and New Year’s. You can even pay for the experience with Bitcoin!”

“How do we book?”

Annnd scene. Sorry, not sorry for the cheesy role play, but now that we have your attention — here’s why you should book a yacht charter with Denison.

1. Handpicked Yachts

Yacht Charter Search Denison

Denison offers a huge selection of luxury yachts for charter. Some are exclusive to Denison’s fleet and others are part of a larger MLS of superyachts worldwide. Denison’s featured yachts are hand-selected by charter management specialists. They comb through all of the details (crew, destinations, itineraries, accommodations) to make sure each yacht reaches high standards and expectations.

The worldwide yacht search may look intimidating, but Denison has a separate team of charter specialists with the connections to find exactly what you’re looking for — whether that’s a 146′ Feadship in the Mediterranean or an 80′ Sunreef in the British Virgin Islands. Contact a charter expert to get started.

2. Unlimited Destinations

Yacht Charter Destinations Denison

We’re literally giving you the world on a platter to explore by superyacht. How cool is that? Denison’s superyacht charter destinations will take you from the beaches of St. Barths to island hopping in Greece. Excited to explore Italy’s rugged coast? There’s a yacht for that. 

Spend time in the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Central America, or North America onboard a luxury yacht charter. After choosing a yacht and destination, Denison’s charter specialists will craft an exclusive itinerary for you and your guests.

3. Exclusive Itineraries + Menus

Swimming With Sharks Yacht Charter

Denison strives to craft personalized experiences for each charter guest. Some folks love visiting the Bahamas to snorkel or fish, others just want to lay on a beach with pigs. We get it. 

When you speak with a Denison charter broker, they’ll ask about your goals and expectations for the yacht charter. Are you excited to visit a five-star restaurant in Portofino? The team can add that to the itinerary. Is it on your bucket list to visit The Baths in the British Virgin Islands? Consider it done.

Denison strives to understand each guests’ needs. Before boarding, you’ll fill out a preference sheet that covers dietary restrictions, your favorite foods, beverage options, and special requests. The more precise you are, the easier it is for the crew to prepare for your charter and organize a personalized holiday.

4. Experienced Team

Denison Charter Specialists

The internet is flooded with yacht charters. But we’ve been in the business for many (re: since 1948) years. Denison has a team that’s dedicated to different aspects of yacht charter so that it’s a seamless experience for guests.

Denison’s charter brokers work closely with guests to share destination and vessel expertise; they generally make the end-to-end booking process smooth and stress-free. On the other end, charter management works closely with the yacht owners and crew to understand every aspect of the vessel and market it accordingly.

Each person has their specialized tasks to ensure that the overall experience is worthwhile for charter guests. It’s a well-oiled machine at Denison.

5. Pay For Your Yacht Charter With Bitcoin

Jumping From A Yacht

Back in June 2018, Denison’s first Bitcoin-booked charter was made. This paved the way for making yachting more accessible. Denison accepts most cryptocurrencies (bitcoin, ether, dogecoin, etc.) without a limit.

Chartering a yacht using cryptocurrency as payment is easy and convenient; clients enjoy low transactions fees, fast transfer, and privacy. When you contact your charter broker, let them know that you want to pay for the experience using cryptocurrency. They’ll not only be excited but also help you get started.

Bundalong, Luxury Yacht Charter In The Caribbean

Contact your charter broker to choose a destination, find a yacht, and create an itinerary. Our experienced team to book your next luxury yacht charter. All you gotta do is show up and have a great time.

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