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88 CL Yachts CLB88 Yacht Walkthrough [Boat Review + Video]

Denison Yachting | January 8, 2022

Take an extensive tour of the
88′ CL Yachts CLB88 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with Jace Kizzier.

This article is a transcription of the CLB 88 video from Denison’s Youtube Channel. Tune in daily to discover the latest yacht video walkthroughs from the world’s largest yacht video collection. Watch the full video below:

Hello, I’m Jace with Denison Yachting. We’re in Fort Lauderdale at Lauderdale Marine Center. We’re aboard the CLB 88 and we have our friend Carrie Lee with us today. I’m really excited because they’ve asked me to come on board and go through the yacht and show you around and see if it’s up to par, see if it has the space that we need and movability for interior. CL yachts builds boats 55 feet to 96 feet, have a North American office right here in Fort Lauderdale, Lauderdale Marine Center, have a full-service department and excellent warranty program. All of their new yachts just like this 88 have a 10-year structural warranty and a two-year tip to stern warranty.


Jace and I are going to walk to the boat today and we’re going to be checking out everything but there are a few things that I want to highlight and show you, especially the storage. One of the things that you miss on a yacht is a spacious galley. Everyone knows, a happy chef makes the trip and in this galley, I guarantee you will have a happy chef. All of their yachts are Rina certified. Every single hole they’ve checked throughout the build cycle and at the end, they get their certificate. But one of the neat things they do is all of their tanks are fiberglass and they’re built into the hull. They’re part of the whole integrity. So like in the engine room, you don’t have saddle tanks and so forth. The fuel tanks are built into the hole and they’re down below.

What I’m hearing you saying is there’s more space to store, things extra provisioning and such.

There’s more space? Yes and more stability because you got everything low and centerline gravity there’s something really neat that all CL Yachts does. Typically when you go out on a sea trial like, this it’s nice calm flat seats. It’s been pretty rough here lately and so we went out today not sure what we were going to get, we went out 15-knot winds and higher gusts and four to seven-foot seas, and this CLB 88 crushed. The boat does have gyro stabilizers and fin stabilizers. They work together and or you can work them independently. You can use the gyros if you’re at zero speed at anchor or you can use the fins when you’re at a faster speed.

I will be back with you guys in a bit but first Jace is going to take you up to the flybridge show you all around and my favorite seat, next to the captain best spot in the house. But I’ll be back with you guys in a bit.

Our first stop today is on the boat deck. As you can see it’s very large, you can put your tenders, your inflatables, your wave runners, got a 2000 pound davit, bring up what you need. You also have a swim platform. The same lift capacity is down on the swim platform as up here, so you can mix and match your toys as you need. Forward of the davit, you have a great gas barbecue barbeque, lots of storage, and lots of counter space for preparations.

Flybridge of CLB88

Forward of the barbecue area, you have a large settee, great table, everyone pull in, cocktails up here in the flybridge, got the covered hardtop. I love the two-tone with the gray, really adds a nice feel. The grill that I pointed out just across is a part of a larger outside summer galley. All your other appliances are over here – icemaker, refrigerator, sink, great bar stools. Doesn’t get any better than this. Forward part of the flybridge and definitely the most important is the forward helm. When the captain is standing here, they have complete control over everything they need. We’ll touch on some of these features when we’re down at the lower helm but this is really where your captain wants to be. You have a nice bench helm chair and a single helm chair for the captain, again with autopilot built into the armrest.

Flybridge of CLB88

Not only do you have a giant dance floor or a sunbathing area, you have a full wet bar, overhead covering, a massive table to sit but my favorite spot is right here. During today’s sea trial, this was the best seat in the house. From the beginning to the end you have the most amazing view of everything. You can’t beat it. This isn’t only a great seat for spectators but also for the crew because you have an excellent view of the bow, keep an eye on your guests to make sure their drinks are always full. This is where we’re headed next we’ll take you over to the bow.

The most overlooked spot on a boat is the bow. Nobody ever comes up here. So if you want a little time to yourself, you can sit up here, take in the view. And forward here of course you have your ground tackle, Maxwell windlass, molded-in ballards, footplates for your anchor, high stainless railings for safety, high bow works all the way around for your full covered walk around – great foredeck.

Bow of CLB88

Jumping from one end of the boat to the other, I want to point out something about the swim platform. In everything you understand about a typical hydraulic swim platform, this one has a third phase to where it actually comes up. So when you’re underway in the event of following seas and so forth, it raises up when you’re underway. In addition to serving as a large teak beach, this is also the entrance to our crew quarters.

Aft of CLB88

Here in the crew quarters, we have a crew mess, table they can sit here and unwind from their day’s work. On the starboard side, you have captain’s quarters, the large hanging locker, and drawers. You have a second set of washer and dryer. Right here you have a forward set up for the guest cabins. You have a shared crew head and in stall shower. And here to port side you have two bunks for a crew, a large hanging locker, and a little crew galley with a sink, microwave, lots of storage, and cabinets – a pretty nice crew area for four.

Here in this great engine room I’ll point out three of the features. One you got the CAT C32s 1600 horsepower, you got twin Koehler generators that power the vessel, 53 kW. And then you have your quick gyro stabilizer, we talked about earlier. This works in tandem with your fin stabilization system.

Engine room of CLB88

And now that I’ve shown you the more technical space, I’m going to hand it back off to Carrie and she’s going to show you the aft deck.

Yachts are always pulling in, stern to the dock where everybody sees what you’re doing. But not on this boat. The transom is super high. There’s so much privacy. And I know it sounds silly, you have USB ports, you have built-in cup holders all over the boat. I know those are small things, but I tell you, they’re big on a yacht.

There are so many great features on this boat but the accessibility is one I like the most. All too often everybody is always on the aft deck and anytime they want a new drink, where do you have to go back inside through the door. This is an interior crew dream. You have a full sink for rinsing dishes, you have a gigantic cooler, you can throw all kinds of ice and drinks in here with a little drain on the bottom. You have a place to hold all of your mixers, you have a full refrigerator and you have storage. This is a great bar to set off a great boat.

Aft deck of CLB88

One of the biggest selling features of the CLB88 is the big open main deck. You have about a 360-degree view and also it feels like you’re in a big mega yacht beach club if you notice the teak overhead and the teak underfoot. CL yachts challenged Joseph Varakas to come up with a whole new design and this is what they came up with and I think they’ve got a hit.

In the aft end of the salon, we have three great features to point out, one the large L-settee across from it on the starboard side, a large spacious day head, and then in the overhead, we have a drop-down 68-inch TV.

This walk area is constant with people you have coming from the outside, your feet are wet and they were smart enough to make durable teak underfoot. But yet, you have this beautiful walnut matte finish here which is great for hiding fingerprints. It’s like a crew dream.

Interior of CLB88

On most yachts you have a lot of the suites combined together but here you have a midship stairwell that takes you down to only two of the rooms; you have the master and you have the VIP. On days like today where you have a really rough sea trial, for one always hold on to the boat one hand for you one hand for the boat. But you always want to come down and check and make sure that everything is still intact you know we haven’t moved around a little bit. So we have forward, we have the VIP and we have aft as a master.

Let’s go check out the master. A few things to point out on the master is first of all it’s a full beam and a big advantage of it being midship is it’s really relatively quiet in here. You don’t get a lot of the noise that you get on some of the outer rooms. You have a full walk-in closet, you have another closet here, you have a full bathroom with fantastic shower and you have these beautiful giant windows which are amazing to look out to see.

If you notice here on the port side you have all of the drawers here, you have the drawers here, you have this beautiful walk-in closet and if you notice you have lighted drawers and for those of us that might need, it a beautiful vanity. Do you want to take home a little bit of that yacht experience? Here’s a little tip, this is how most people fold their towels at home. This, you don’t want to be this guy this right here is the trick. You roll it three-quarters of the way up and watch every time you give it a little tuck, a little tuck, and the next thing you have a yacht pal.

Cabin of CLB88

So before we move on to the VIP, I just wanted to tell you that you don’t have to feel bad about putting your friends in there because it’s almost as big as the master. Let’s go check it out. You have to be kidding me. There is an entire dresser over here and this is the VIP. You have two closets, your own bathroom, a beautiful sized TV and another little vanity mirror. While I’m sitting here putting on my makeup, my friends can join me or I can just sit here and read a book. It’s a really great design. Let’s go up to the galley, you’re not going to believe the storage up there. Before I take you into the galley and show you some amazing things in there, I want to show you a chief stewardess’s dream. This window is the difference between privacy and open concepts when you want to be a little bit quieter in the galley, you close the window. And when you want to open it up, you just do so at the touch of a button.

In addition to your full-size sub-zero refrigerator, you have a pull-out refrigerator/freezer drawers on your port side of the galley, you have a four-burner Bosch glass top range microwave, of course, your oven and then you have a dishwasher. It comes with everything you need. In addition to all the galley appliances, you have a great settee area for a beautiful morning breakfast or just to sit around and have cocktails and hang out with the family.

Galley of CLB88

You talk about space-saving, here in the galley, you have the helm tucked away in the corner. Here at the helm, we have a full array of Garmin electronics, we have a Garmin autopilot here at the helm, you have your searchlight, your bow, and stern thrusters, gyro stabilization, radar indicator, your CAT engine readouts.

Interior helm station

And last we’re going to show you the guest accommodations up forward starting with the port bunk room. It features twin berths along with natural light from overhead which is a great feature. And of course the port side hull window, these beds can be pushed together to form a queen as well. In the forward section of this stateroom, we find a hanging locker, also features an ensuite head.

Our last stop of this walkthrough today is in the bow VIP. The one thing that stands out most to me in this stateroom is how the berth is lower. You’re not crawling up on top of it. It’s lower you can just crawl right out of bed. Like the other staterooms onboard, the VIP also features an ensuite head.

CLB88 Interior

Well, that’s it. Thank you for joining us Carrie Lee, thank you for being here. Thank you for having me, a lot more boat than I expected. It was a nice surprise.

Yes it was great having you. If you want to learn any more about this CLB 88, reach out to me directly at Denison Yachting. And Carrie, how do we find you? Well, if you need anybody for yacht outfitting and organizing, you could find me @carriesspaceorganizing on Instagram

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