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Award-Winning Superyacht: 97′ Alpha Squalo

Sarah Nadler | June 23, 2022

Alpha Yachts’ Squalo 97 has recently been awarded in the 2022 International Yacht & Aviation Awards.

It comes as no surprise that Alpha Custom Yachts, a shipyard recognized for its unique and innovative yachts, has won–yet again–an award for one of its stunning, fully customizable vessels. The Squalo 97 was recently awarded “Concept Under 40 Meters” in the 2022 International Yacht & Aviation Awards by Design et al.

Alpha Custom Yachts designs and builds boats that prioritize outdoor spaces, comfortable and innovative amenities, and an overall user-friendly experience. The most recent design by Alpha, the 97’ Squalo is an elegant raised pilothouse motor yacht with exceptional exterior spaces for living in contact with the ocean and an incredible amount of interior volume. This custom yacht is often compared to larger vessels, not only because of its impressive interior but also because of the use of space to allow room that isn’t the norm for a yacht of its size.

Alpha Yachts Squalo 97 outdoor dining space
Squalo 97 | Outdoor Dining

Italian design studio Roberto Curtó styled the interior and exterior of the 97′ Squalo, distinguishable for its “muscular lines and a strong silhouette with a vertical bow and a high pilothouse”. There is a plunge pool on the aft deck, above a toy garage. The open-space deck area allows for covered outdoor dining. The Squalo 97 can accommodate eight to ten guests. The stateroom layout consists of a master cabin at the main deck forward and two cabins on the lower deck. All of these elements and more can be customized depending on the owner’s preferences.

Alpha Yachts Squalo 97 interior / stateroom
Squalo 97 | Stateroom

David Johnson, exclusive representative of Alpha Custom Yachts in North America, shared his thoughts about the Squalo 97 receiving the Design et al award. “I am honored to represent a brand whose founders are forward-thinking and enjoy working with some of the most creative designers in the world. Alpha has now won this prestigious award two years in a row, for two different designs. The back-to-back awards are due to the passion of the entire team that helps create some of the coolest yachts out there.”

Interested in learning more about the Squalo 97? Contact David Johnson, the exclusive representative of Alpha Custom Yachts in North America. David is happy to answer questions and start your journey to owning a new yacht.

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