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Alpha Yachts

Embody Your Dream. 

Alpha Custom Yachts was founded by experienced yachtsmen. They are a family-owned company recognized for its elegant, unique, and innovative vessels built for today's yachting enthusiasts.

Each Alpha Yacht is brought to life by the hands of the best. The builders work applying engineering excellence and strict precision. Always pushing the limits of shipbuilding, their team is equipped with unsurpassed technical expertise and access to the best resources. Alpha Yachts' pursuit for perfection ends the day their yachts reach the sea to take you to wherever sunset sail you feel like going.


New Yachts

Spritz 140
Available in North America
Alfresco 125
Available in North America
Spritz 116
Available in North America
Alfresco 110
Available in North America
Spritz 102
Available for Immediately Delivery
Squalo 97
Available in North America

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