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Sustainable Boating: Go Slowly Campaign

Sarah Nadler | May 19, 2023

Denison has joined forces with a number of yacht companies to support sustainability with Amer Yachts’ new campaign.

Europe Charter Management Director Nicolas Fry has announced Denison’s participation in a new campaign that has been initiated by the shipyard Permare (Amer Yachts) called “Go Slowly”. “We decided to support this campaign as this is a good way for the yachts to consume less fuel and be more sustainable,” Nicolas expressed. “There are a few Italian partners, mainly marinas, and we are only two brokerage companies supporting this (Denison Yachting and My Sea).”

“We believe that this is a good opportunity for Denison Yachting to act immediately for promoting the reduction of the speed of yachts to max 15 knots within 3 nautical miles,” he continued. “This speed limit will allow to reduce the fuel consumption of the yachts and respect the environment off the coast of Italy. This is one way to enjoy sustainable boating, respecting others, marine life, the marine habitat, and significantly reducing the chance of accidents along this busy coast.”

“The idea behind the campaign comes from a reflection,” the owner of Amer Yachts, Barbara Amerio, has stated. “Sustainability is a very complex subject that can be put into practice only through single actions that then, all together, work sustainably. So we thought about something simple and practical that could be adopted by a large number of pleasure boaters: we proposed sailing at a moderate speed in the first three miles off the coast, so as to reduce emissions, including noise pollution. An idea that also helps us look toward the future, where there will be boating of all kinds, from hybrid to electric, with vessels that might be a bit slower.”

Denison Yachting is proud to be a part of this important cause and is excited to help pioneer advances in sustainability.

If you’d like to participate in the Go Slowly campaign, feel free to share any of the images in the file below on your social media: