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Kit Denison helped our family find a 115’ motoryacht in a market that has many vessels to filter through. Unfortunately for Kit it took 4 years to find and investigate the ultimate cruising vessel for myself and our family in New Zealand. We examined many yachts but for one reason or another we could not find the craft suitable up until recently.

Kit was incredibly helpful, due to the time difference between New Zealand and USA, Kit would take calls all hours of the night, “I’m sorry Ann”, travel to locations on my behalf and pull together intel on vessels we thought would suit our needs, Kit was fantastic with his relentless support, professional approach, and inexhaustive patience as we searched and investigated.

When Kit started searching for the correct vessel for our family, I didn’t realise the extensive knowledge he had, he was very modest about his experienced background in the boating industry, this however became obvious as we progressed with investigation, his knowledge was essential with the yacht search.

We managed to secure the best surveyor on the west coast of the USA, Kit worked tirelessly with the engine surveyor and general yacht surveyor through finalising the purchase. Due to a Covid environment the process was hindered with our family not being able to view the vessel prior to purchase. Kit worked with us to navigate the settlement offshore and gave our family the confidence and comfort we were buying a great vessel.

Kits honesty, commitment and knowledge are just some of the key attributes that made this purchase possible in a tough environment, the Denison Yacht Sales team were fantastic providing support through the closing process which was foreign to how we do it in New Zealand, but they made it easy for us to navigate.

I have recommended Kit to 3 other friends that are looking to purchase a vessel.

Thank you Kit and the entire Denison Team,

The Peters Family on Kit Denison